Why People love Apostle Joshua Selman

Why People love Apostle Joshua

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why do people love Apostle Joshua Selman?

It is no longer news that an increasing number of youths and indeed, Christians are inspired by the anointed televangelist: Apostle Joshua Selman

It is becoming more interesting that on typing the word “Apostle”… Apostle Joshua Selman pops on the Google search suggestion box. This infers that “Apostle Joshua Selman” has become a keyword in the Google search engine.

The implication of this is that an increasing number of people search for him on the internet.

There is no gainsaying that Apostle Joshua Selman has become a household name amongst Christian revivalists in Nigeria and indeed, Africa. This explains why the servant of God has frequented many countries, in a bid to disseminate the principles of God’s Word to Christians worldwide.

One might be curious enough to ask:

Who is Apostle Joshua Selman?

Why do people love Apostle Joshua Selman?

How and why he has effortlessly won the hearts of many people?

The anointing has not made him break ranks or usurp instituted authorities! Why People love Apostle Joshua Selman..servant of God.


The revered faith and Christian lifestyle teacher comes from Jos, Plateau State in Northern Nigeria. He is also a graduate of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. Apostle Joshua Selman flows seamlessly in the Apostolic, prophetic and teaching graces.

To find out more about Apostle Joshua Selman;Apostle Joshua Selman’s Biography, Ministry Mentor/Spiritual Father: Read here

The living legend presides over the Eternity Network International (ENI) Koinonia, a religious body, hosted by the Christ Gospel Church, Samaru, Zaria, a city in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

So much is to be said about ENI Koinonia which boasts of droves of people who throng the program venue on a weekly basis to be blessed by God’s Word and works via the servant of God.

Apparently, ENI Koinonia is not defined by physical space as the online community seems to be ahead of the game in terms of numerical follower-ship and commitment. It is quite amazing, sampling millions of viewers swarm the online platforms (mixir), not excluding the social media handles (on a weekly basis).

Why do people Love Apostle Joshua Selman?

The body of Christ is blessed with vessels. Men and women who have poured out their lives as a drink offering. People who are indeed yielded, and are committed to seeing Christ and His agenda revealed to a generation.

However, there are only a few that Mercy has afforded access into the hearts of men in a generation, involving diverse nations and tribes.

Hence, there are a number of reasons why men readily love this apostolic teacher whose sonority becomes even more obvious while he sings. (One might wonder how he combines both, with considerable dexterity!)


The mercies of God enshrouded in the Grace of God. The factor that distinguishes kings from mere men. The fact that AJS (as fondly called by many) has gained access into the hearts of many, including people of great influence is not a function of the anointing alone.

Apostle Joshua Selman was singled out to be an apostolic voice. Hence, his rising and breaking forth is largely a function of the mercies of God. Therefore, you see why people love Apostle Joshua Selman


Apostle Joshua Selman is often called an Apostle of Balance. This infers that the priming lodestar attempts to bring a cordial convergence to several conflicting doctrines in the body of Christ.

It is even heart warming to note that he does all of this with a heart of love and esteem for the Church!

A perusal through his teachings on the (koinonia downloads portal) reveals a plethora of audio messages, categorized accordingly in diverse segments; vis-a-vis in a chronological, categorical and alphabetical array.

This spans across Prayer, Relationships, Finance, Spiritual growth, Mentorship, Excellence, Leadership and Kingdom mysteries.

This grants believers (at different levels of spiritual advancement) an opportunity to tap into the riches of God’s Kingdom. Hence, men and women of different ages, exposure, cadres and castes (across the globe) are largely grateful.

Do you see why people can not help but love this beloved Servant of God?



Did you just see that? (Smiles)

It is hard to believe, right?

In an era of craze for the social media influence, where it seems like no one wants to be left behind on the E-excitement.. A young preacher in a somewhat secluded suburb of Zaria (Samaru) suddenly rose to stardom, and his rising was evidently undeniable.

One can clearly see that it takes the finger of God to lift a man. Can you see how faithful our God is?

Upon his rising, Apostle Selman has left no stone unturned as regards upholding the character of humility and regard for people. It is quite a shocker that this prominent figure receives many messages daily on his mobile phone, and does well to respond accordingly.

On stage, he wields the rod of discipline and correction. However, those who have had close contacts with him will tell you that he is quite warm, when you meet him one-on-one.

The anointing has not made him break ranks or usurp instituted authorities!

I hope you can relate with why he has gained credibility, trust and influence in different spheres of life?

If you listen to Apostle’s messages, you will discover that his loves the principle of honour: honour to God, honour to men and honour to principles!

{I love this part!}

No doubt, honour and excellence has become common in his dealings with people, as an icing on the cake with regards to humility!

Why People love Apostle Joshua

Sincere love for God/People

There is no gainsaying that Apostle has opened the eyes and hearts of men to the person of the Holy Spirit. His love for the third person of the Blessed trinity is not debatable. Hence this infectious hunger for His Presence bears so much on the part of men, who are keen on experiencing same.

Interestingly, Apostle Selman spends quite some time in worship and prayers, before kick starting a session of teaching. The fact that Apostle communicates spiritual patterns in a simple, but powerful manner leaves many wanting for more of God in their lives.

Hence the eagerness and committed follower-ship to this living legend is better explained!

Apostle loves people! Sincerely, the Fatherhood dimension becomes more expressed in this regard!

“I love you” is not rare in his dictionary. Do you see why his birthdays are largely celebrated by many people, irrespective of denominational or tribal differences?
The members of the Koinonia workforce are testaments of the aforementioned. Hence, Apostle Joshua Selman loves many and is loved by many!

Personally, I have so much to say… Apostle Joshua Selman has been a huge blessing to my life. I have been blessed physically and spiritually by the servant of God in many regards.

He has been a Father, friend and spiritual leader to me. My destiny has received a face-lift, marking a major turning point in my life. His words of comfort to me in my days of grief. Therein, I found strength and vigor to go through life again.
I am privileged to have the servant of God on my blog and I pray that God will take him to the pinnacle of his destiny, in Christ. Amen.

Happy birthday Apostle Joshua Selman!
I love you!
We love you!

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