Truthfully, A proper revelation of wifehood positions you to be found by a godly man. To the godly single lady: Becoming a wife before you are found!

Happy   Easter celebrations to you my dear!

Behold the Lamb is risen! Let the celebration continue, irrespective of the pandemic that has plagued our world!  Nevertheless, we will still celebrate the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ!

Permit me to ask you this question…

Does Jesus Christ really live in you?

This is a golden opportunity to have him take His place in your heart. This is what makes for the victory in the power of resurrection.

I implore you to accept Him wholeheartedly. He wants to be your Lord and King! Your life promises to be victorious from this day henceforth! There is a salvation prayer template at the end of this write-up. Say the prayer from the depth of your heart. God bless you!

Easter is also a period to show love to those around us…Looking out for the less-privileged ones and allowing the light of Jesus Christ to radiate from you  to them.

Once again, Happy Easter celebrations !

Indeed, I am so elated to bring us yet another inspiring episode of this beautiful series , where we have been sharing helpful tips for every Christian single lady.  For the past one month, different truths have been shared here as regards God’s purpose for Christian singlehood.

You can find a list of all twelve tips here : To the godly single Lady: The Holy Spirit is your first lover.

Truthfully, I appreciate  your feed backs and this explains why it gives me great joy to do this repeatedly!

On the blog today, we shall be discussing a very important tip. Actually, this is the 10th tip.

To the godly single lady: Becoming a wife before you are found!

Truthfully, A proper revelation of wifehood positions you to be found by a godly man. To the godly single lady: Becoming a wife before you are found!

Across the globe,  many women say “I do” to their heart throbs on the altar of marriage.  Its usually a joyous occasion, seeing the lovebirds sign up to a lifetime affair of a marital journey, amidst family, friends and well-wishers. It becomes real  after the exchange of rings and the priestly pronouncements.

The young woman assumes an entirely new status!

Its amazing how a lot of changes characterize the aforementioned, such as a change of name, location, and sometimes it affects her attachment to certain things e.g privacy, family etc.

In the beginning, wife-hood was described in terms of being a helper. God had specific purposes in mind when He decided to find a suitable help meet for Adam. Having realized that creation was incomplete and that the tasks ahead of Adam would be rather burdensome, He created Eve.

Although, Eve fell prey to the deceit of Satan, it does not however negate the fact that wives are blessings and a source of favor to their own husbands. This scripture confirmed these continually across the length and breadth of scriptures:

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the LORD. (Proverbs 18:22 New King James Version)

Whenever  the Almighty sees the need for ‘help’ in a man’s life, He sends ‘a helper’. Emphatically put, this means ‘a wife’.

However, this is not a subtle downplay of the masculinity and capability of the man. This is because the dimension of help or assistance that a wife brings to her husband is unique and specific to her alone. Different angles of help exist for different wives, depending on the enormity of the heavenly responsibility allocated to the husband in question.

In my little walk with God, even an unmarried  lady, I have come across several scriptures that have really been inspiring to me in terms of God’s  original intention for Kingdom wifehood.  It has also shaped my mindset in terms of learning and yielding to scriptures for an in-depth understanding of Kingdom wifehood.

I have been particularly blessed  by this particular scripture in proverbs I had earlier quoted:

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the LORD. (Proverbs 18:22 New King James Version).

Below are a few scriptures that has been a source of inspiration to me.

I pray they inspire you too!

  • An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, But she who causes shame is like rottenness in his bones. (Proverbs 12:4 New King James Version).
  • Yet ye say, “Why?” Because the Lord hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously; yet she is thy companion and the wife of thy covenant. (Malachi 2:14)

The last scripture is the focus of what we are discussing today on the blog! It  explains the fact that you become a wife before you are found.

Shocking right?

Honestly, I was also shocked when I caught a revelation of this scripture! Thence, I lived in such a manner as to assume this posture !

God intends that wife-hood be spiritually perceived and embraced, before  practically demonstrating it.

You are likely to repel what you are not intentional about becoming, sometimes unintentionally.

As a spiritual woman,  being non-chalant, indifferent or negative about godly wifehood has a tendency to rob you off its tangibility and blessings.

Its sad that many women venture into the institution of marriage emotionally and are bankrupt of the implication of wifehood from a scriptural basis.

Truthfully, God intends that as a single lady, a proper revelation of wifehood positions you to be found by a godly man. There are many women, but such is not the case for wives… or literally put, prospective wives.

Additionally, God sees every godly single lady as a greatly priced treasure! One of inestimable value.

Treasures are not found freely! They are intentionally sought for! This is why the man has to search for and find you! You are valued.

However, as good as these intentions are, they may not become a reality in your life as a lady if you are not intentional about your transitioning into practical wifehood!

How do I become a wife before I am found?

Truthfully, A proper revelation of wifehood positions you to be found by a godly man. To the godly single lady: Becoming a wife before you are found!

The answer lies in achieving a total stability in the major facets of your life:

Spiritual stability

This is the hallmark of what defines the state of godly wifehood. Spirituality is the template upon which all other subsequent markers are factored.

See my post on What makes a woman spiritual?

It entails the summation of all that culminates into a balanced spiritual health. It involves a consolidation of your beliefs, convictions and consecrations. This is what will inform all of your choices in terms of career path, clothing, life partner, geographical location, spiritual inclinations etc. It is important to achieve this whilst you are yet single because it forms a solid framework for your entire marital journey with your future spouse.

Psychological Stability

Your mindset plays a major role here as you must strive to have all of your idiosyncrasies come under the scrutiny of God’s word. Some ladies who have suffered emotional hurt, molestation and abuse during single hood are most likely going to experience some psychological/emotional instabilities in marriage.
The family background also plays an important role. We are all products of family, and as such we have had several ideologies indoctrinated into us.
This explains why the revelation of God’s word is indispensable for experiencing a changing mindset..
Its also important that the lady reads scripture-inspired books on relationship and marriage from seasoned authors. This will also brace her up to several expectations in this institution.

An important area that is needful in developing practical christian virtues centers on disciples discipleship! This will form the meat of my next post!

Please stay tuned! (Smiles)
Discipleship is a deliberate submission of oneself to learning the ways of Christ practically, under a human discipler, mentor or spiritual leader. it would be inadvisable to dabble into the waters of marriage, without these undefined.

Other areas of stability include:

Financial/Career stability

Social stability etc.

The above is not exhaustive. the godly single lady should do her best to attain more, just before she says yes!

To the godly single lady: Becoming a wife before you are found!

Lets say the salvation prayer together!

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