The journey to a fulfilling wife-hood

The journey to a fulfilling wife-hood

I want to start by appreciating every one. God’s grace has been sufficient for us all, in this period.

My dear blog readers in Nigeria and beyond, you are the reason why I will keep writing. I love to see your feed backs too.

Finally, we would be taking the 12th tip, and its indeed, the last (but certainly not the least)  of all.

Every write-up here is divinely inspired and I praise God everyday for His mercies.

Hence, you might want to see through other blog posts in relation to the aforementioned!

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Pursue your God-given passion/purpose
• What makes you spiritual?
Define your dress sense
Get involved
Who are your inner circle friends?
Its okay to love and be loved
You can be vulnerable too: Handling the surge!
Becoming a wife, before you are found!
Submit to your spiritual guides!

I had written on different subject matters as it relates to godly single ladies.

The series above cuts across salvation, convictions, purpose, relationships, leadership,career and personal life.

Although, the aforementioned cannot be said to exhaustive.

However, it is my sincere desire that we all maximize the Grace of God upon our lives by working on these and trusting God for Grace for a fulfilling wife-hood, even as we prepare to say ‘yes’ to marriage.

You must realize that your first ministry in life, as a married woman is centered on godly wife-hood!

The journey to godly wife-hood is a journey of purpose, one in which we need so much of God’s grace and mercy.

The journey to a fulfilling wife-hood comes  to a fruitful reality when biblical principles have been obeyed. There is so much to write on this episode, but I would want to restrict this write-up to the essentials of the journey to a fulfilling wife-hood!

There are certain principles that will make a lady indispensable. Now, this applies to both single and married ladies.

Indeed, I know that I am unmarried, and may not have experienced the world of marriage! However, there are certain truths that the Word of God (a sure Word of prophecy) is teaching me about this institution.

Actually, its interestingly called ‘an institution’. This is because learning here, is continuous. It might also interest you to know that there are no graduates,therein. It’s a life-long affair (smiles).

Therefore, this implies that no effort (geared towards its preparation) is too much.
I was amazed upon discovering that marriage was the first institution that God graciously ordained in the beginning! He did this to proffer solution to a lingering issue!

What is the implication of this for you as a godly single lady?

It is advisable that you seek for the necessary reinforcements that will equip you in the journey to a fulfilling wife-hood. (If God permits, I might do a post on the proverbs 31 woman, later)!

There are a lot of articles online, books, audio-visual, videos on godly wife-hood and this has been largely helpful in creating an awareness to single ladies. However, I must encourage you to subscribe to God’s Word that comes to you by revelation (as a major).

The Word of God creates a point of convergence and helps you to sieve, debunk, embrace or marry  diverse ideologies in your relationship with your partner.

Hence, I will be sharing several scripture-based truths that will be invaluable to you in this marital journey!

Are you  unengaged, engaged, married, separated or divorced lady?

These truths apply to you too (smiles)!

Submission: The journey to a fulfilling wife-hood

Submission is the Holy Spirit counsel/command to every wife!
Submission, in the simplest term implies surrender, respect and/or honour!

Sarah understood this principle. A woman with no child, yet she was willing to accommodate over three hundred (300) servants in her home and their children.

Sarah was willing to support Abraham’s mandate. She called her husband ‘lord’. This is a vocal communication of a heart that was submissive to her husband! This could be the reason why Abraham subscribed to his wife’s  idea of sleeping with her Egyptian slave (Hagar).

Dear lady, In  your submission lies your  weakness, but it’s a ‘powerful weakness’ {That’s an oxymoron (smiles)}.

Abigail was able to avert a blood-bath (from an infuriated ‘David”) on her entire household. She was a woman who understood the place of submission, even when her husband was literally a fool (Nabal).

Esther became Queen via submission, and she was able to avert an impending doom looming around her people (the Jews).

Queen Vashti of Shushan lacked an understanding of this, hence she lost her place. Firstly, in the King’s heart, and then, in his palace!

Divine ordination positions a man as the head, the leader and the authority. Any violation of this is a violation of God’s principle. Its more like usurping an authority, and the consequences can be terrible.

Men value honour and respect. A man who is treated as an authority (by his wife) will almost always be loved and given a position of value in his heart.

Submission entails a willingness to release your time, body, resources, and everything about you in support of him. Prayer becomes easy in the place of submission.

Support/Encouragement: The journey to a fulfilling wife-hood

Its amazing how people do well in a positive environment.

Recently, I saw a movie ‘Overcomer’ by ‘the Kendrick brothers’

I observed how Hannah rose to stardom unexpectedly. She had the right motivation from her father. You might want to see the movie. Its worth your time, I promise you!

As a wife, (I am writing this to the broad class of women), he needs you to be his number one fan. As a head, he needs the right motivation to keep him going. This explains why Kings and men of Authority have subjects; elders, personal assistants, ministers etc.

The need for encouragement and support will keep a perpetual failure consistent in his efforts. Unfortunately, responsibilities can be really tasking, and as such, he would require as much support and encouragement, as possible.

Ben Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon and a celebrated icon in the neurosciences was not a genius from birth. He almost gave up on everything called education, because he and everyone, thought that he had a porous brain!

Nevertheless, his mother thought otherwise! She spurred him into developing a reading culture, which placed him on a steady scale of academic glory.

Many years later, Carson broke the records in the field of neurology of brain disorders.

“A man will be challenged to protect you, when you learn to support and encourage him.

The journey to a fulfilling wife-hood comes  to a fruitful reality when biblical principles have been obeyed...your relationship with your partner.

Can you sample this? An imaginary note of loyalty!

“I believe so much in your vision. I know you can make it. I married you because I saw what other ladies couldn’t see… ‘the winner in you’.

I am committed to seeing you succeed. This is why I pray for you every day! I don’t just want to be your wife. I want to be your solid support system.

“Your number one fan”

However, It shouldn’t end in speaking, there is the part of doing!

Be his wife

A need arose in the garden of Eden. Although, Adam went about his daily tasks as assigned to him, by God, he was not fulfilled. Busyness could not bridge the widening gap!

There was the need for suitable companionship. One that, the company ofanimals could not suffice!
There is a space in every man’s heart that only ‘his wife’ can fill.

This goes beyond laundry, cuisine, sex or reproduction. (A hired maid will be well able to perform the above, dutifully).

However, as important as these are, they do not represent the exact blueprint of wife-hood from a biblical perspective. Being his wifey involves being his companion.

Adam’s marriage was God’s idea. It was an attempt to resolve the issue of being alone, which arose in the beginning.

A wife is a co-bearer or a shareholder in her husband’s pain, shame, weakness and threats.

He needs someone, before whom he can be naked, and confess his feelings without reservations!

Imagine a situation where a husband comes back home and confesses to his wife, how a lady (at the office) is making sexual advances at him repeatedly, and how he needs her prayers!

That’s his wife.

He can be naked before her, without shame or regret.

Can you be that woman, who your partner can tell just anything and everything?

Men will want to be in charge.

Its amazing that in spite of the seeming masculine firmness of a man, he can sometimes exhibit some traits of boyishness!

This becomes evident when he finds solace, companionship and trust when you are around. In this posture, he is seemingly ‘vulnerable’ before you. This is it! You are his wife!

I wouldn’t want this write-up to be a book, yet, (smiles). Therefore, I will just highlight the remaining points, below:

  • Prepare special and sumptuous meals: He loves variety (smiles!)
  • Be conscious of your dress patterns.
  • Be available, when he desires sex/ intimacy.
  • Study, stay informed and be smart enough to proffer solutions to issues, (even in his absence).
  • Be ready to use the word; “I am sorry” Marriage is a union between two people who are committed to continually forgiving each other!

Honestly, my prayer for you is that you will soar high in this journey of marriage, and just like Esther and Ruth, you will find rest!

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