Its been a hectic day at the office!
Munachimso, (a 28 year old single christian lady) alighted from the taxi, trudged slowly home as she could barely feel her legs. She really needed a cold shower and a warm meal. Thoughts of the backlog of files yet untouched was emotionally draining.   

 What’s more? Her 29th birthday was in a weeks time, The fact that no intentional suitor was asking her out weighed heavily on her mind. Observing her face again on the display plane of a Mini-Mart , as though affirming the presence of her youthful glow, she strolled lazily  along the tarred road leading to her gate.

Hardly had she opened the door, than her phone rang. Perhaps Mummy  wanted to remind her again of another birthday as a single lady, without even a fiance, and how the literal meaning of her name seemed to be taking a sad toll on her (Munachimso= God and I are moving together)

“Muna” Mummy yelled from the other side of the phone.

Your Dad slumped again o! The Doctors are trying to resuscitate him, They said his chances of survival are slim. Please pray to the God you talk about,   I am confused, I cant bear to lose him…
Munachi could hear the shrill cry of her siblings over the phone. Home was far. Why so much troubles in this period?  Was God testing the integrity of the faith she professed? Who will help her now? Who would she call?

No sooner had Mummy ended her call than a scripture dropped into her weary spirit: Be still and know that I am God {Psalms 46:10}.

Having little or no understanding of that scripture, she pulled out her hair wig and shoes. Streaks of tears flushed her tired face, as she lay prostrate on the bare floor (of her scarcely furnished one- bedroom apartment), as though that was her last lifeline.  Munachi understood the power of prayer and praise. She tried to pray aloud, but the words were not forthcoming! Her hands shook and her lips quivered when she attempted to praise God!
She laid still on the tiled floor for close to an hour, and allowed her heart and teary eyes do the speaking!

Communication was easier for her as she expressed her sincere weakness in a most profound way to the only One who could save her… She made to call Mummy, but she did not feel the urge to. She was motionless, without uttering a word.
Mum, on the other end was literally disturbed, as to why Munachi was not taking her calls for well over two hours!
Thanks to God, Her Dad narrowly escaped the attack…

It is conventional to hear audible utterances when someone prays, and often very common to hear extremely loud speakings especially when the prayer thrust calls for verbal demonstrations.

It is also true that the body motions are often involved in the prayer exercise, as many are often seen pacing around their prayer closets, using gesticulations and nodding their heads in affirmation to their declarations.
As spiritual as these activities sound to the christian man/ woman, it often results in a lack of concentration and much distraction to other persons who may be mentally engaged with some other activity.

Unfortunately, the believer who prays in silence is often perceived as not praying enough, or not ‘touching heaven’ Sadly enough, some have unknowingly  drifted to dreamland in the process of trying to engage these principles and have sadly given up on its efficacy. Some have also involved extra-biblical methods to the detriment of their christian faith.

The arts of silence, stillness and solitude in personal prayers cannot be overemphasized in a time like this, when the storms of life can be overwhelming for the believer!

We shall be examining these important, yet seemingly neglected tools of communion with the Almighty God.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, Silence can be simply defined as a lack of sound or noise. A forebearance from speech or noise.
Stillness involves a lack of motion or activity, including silence.
Solitude involves a state of seclusion, aloneness or isolation from the larger crowd.
These definitions are physical, but their spiritual interpretations bears so much mark on the communication patterns of the believer to God.

How often do you keep silent and stay still in a moment of prayer, especially when a life-threatening situation presents itself or in a critical junction of one’s life.  Do you wait on Him? Waiting on God may involve  intentional moments of silent musings involving deep spiritual exchanges.

Its only naturally impulsive to hear  outbursts of spiritual tongues, heart-touching worship, the sacrifice of unrestricted praises and dances, in a bid to engage  the Almighty? Nevertheless,  the arts of silence, stillness and solitude in personal prayers can not be overemphasized.

However, the goal of this study is not to downplay the afforementioned spiritual activities. We are spiritual beings and it takes the person of the Holy Spirit to be able to discern the correct activity  needed to touch heaven over a particular challenge. 

I entreat you to keep a date with me as we make further progress!

Stay tuned!

Great news

It is in being saved that you are safe!

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