God seeks for men. He is still in the business of searching for willing vessels, into which He can replicate His possibilities. However, some men have heeded to the clarion call in a time like this. In response to this, they have poured out their lives as an offering to be used by the Holy Spirit to the body of Christ, through whom the Spirit of God can expressly release His possibilities.                               

It is, however, noteworthy to celebrate one of God’s Generals who have (against all odds), emerged as a priming lodestar and a prominent Apostolic figure in Christendom.

 He is none other than Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak, fondly referred to as AJS.                                           


Born on the 25th of June, 1980 into a Christian home. Apostle Joshua Selman is from Plateau state, Nigeria, where he also attended school. A sound graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

The living legend had always had a penchant for spiritual things, plus an infectious hunger for the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. One might as well assume him to be a ‘social recluse’ as a growing youth, being almost always alone, intently, but wholly absorbing the truths of the scripture and the mysteries therein.

In his quest for dissolving mystical truths and the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, AJS remained dauntless, shutting his focus away from the flamboyance that this present world had to offer.

Fortunately, the tables were turned in his favor when AJS had an indelible encounter with the person of Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God. An experience that charted the course of his destiny on a fast and grace-filled track.  Ever since then, the revered General has been unrelenting at dispensing Kingdom truths, and bringing to light, hidden facts enshrined in the scriptures. As an Apostle of balance,  he has been steady at bringing a remarkable level of balance to conflicting subjects in the body of Christ.



Apostle Joshua Selman is the president of Eternity Network International (ENI) Koinonia It is a religious organization situated in Christ Gospel Church, Samaru, Zaria City in Kaduna state, Nigeria. Fridays are always embraced with high expectations as both old and new members swarm the program venue in their hundreds, so as to be blessed by the Word of God and imbibe Kingdom truths that stirs them to spirituality and excellence. The online platform leaves one in great awe as thousands of followers on different social media platforms connect and tune in to be blessed as well.

The last Friday of every month is always eventful as both the expectant and the oppressed throng the venue so as to receive help from God.

Truthfully, The singing Nightingale had once served as a music director as his dexterity at vocal control did not totally lose its charm over the years of his Apostolic ministry. His musical utterances are penetrative, stemming from the depths of the soulish realm

Our beloved Apostle is a seeker of Truth, especially as it concerns the present cry of the ailing body whilst lighting up smiles in the faces of both the weak and weary.

Undoubtedly, the spiritual magnate is greatly loved by all and sundry, across different denominations in the body of Christ. Apostle Selman is a die-hard advocate of spirituality, excellence, and honor. Much is to be said about his genuine love for people and his concern for their welfare.

You can also read this on my personal experiences with Apostle on My Koinonia Story!

Apostle Joshua Selman’s Mentor/Spiritual Father

Apostle is a product of several graces/divine impartations, being an alumni of the Benny Hinn’s School of Ministry, as well as several other religious bodies that have been largely instrumental to his growth.

There is no gainsaying to the fact that Apostle Joshua Selman has become a mentor to many, especially the youths of this dispensation, who think his ideologies and teachings spurs them to spiritual growth and stability in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.I



Apostle Joshua Selman’s Messages

For your audio and video messages download of Apostle Joshua Selman ‘s teachings from 2011-2020:

Visit https://sbicconnect.com/

Do you want to follow Apostle Joshua Selman’s teachings online?

Join in every Friday at 6: 00PM on



TWITTER : @koinoniaeni

INSTAGRAM : @koinoniaglobal

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  1. Thank you Ma. I can’t agree less with what you have said. Words will fail us to describe the level of his impact. For all… We remain grateful!

  2. The excellence is remarkable and we will keep making you proud APOSTLE SELMAN… WE LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH.

    1. Aww! Indeed there is an Apostle for Africa as a whole and especially for we the youth,the upcoming ministers and the mantle holders for Christ in this generation and generation to come. Papa! Please, I’m still schooling under you…and very soon,will be firing to meet you as we gather souls for Christ.
      I love you Papa!

  3. Oh my God!! My dear Onyinye, am really turned on by your efforts on celebrating this rare Legend of our generation. May you be celebrated in due time in Jesus name.
    Happy birthday to our generation mover, AJS, you are highly honored sir. Thank you for yielding your life, I am one of those affected by your obedience to God.
    God bless and reward you Sir

  4. We love Apostle, He is really from God as gift to human and mystery to the kingdom of darkness. We are also proud of His people The Tarok of Lantgtang plateau state that has sustained the faith in the entire northern region in Nigeria… Glory to God Alone..

  5. The first time I saw a pop up on my phone, I was like these preacher things. For some reason, I clicked and started listening. OMG I knew that this was for me. I feel so blessed and I can not afford to miss a day without listening to his inspiring messages. My spiritual life has changed in only about 3 weeks now. God bless you sir

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