Abigail: beautiful, discrete, and highly discerning

This episode is the conclusion from the story of  David and Abigail .

Both parties departed happily. Abigail couldn’t be happier…

It was a mission accomplished!

However, David couldn’t help reminiscing on the moments he spent with this wise Carmelite woman. She wields a greater extent of power that was quite mysteriously absent, considering her tender looks. The king decided that there was more to her words than meets the eye. David had been a warrior for as long as he can remember, but here was an even greater warrior.

A warrior of words!

What logical explanation could ever suffice?

“Abigail must be an institution” He concluded!

It was almost twilight. Abigail and her servants were approaching the threshing floor to meet with Nabal, back in Carmel.

The heroine smiled continually, in gratitude to the God of Israel who had shown her great mercy. The story would have been messy, considering the needless bloody bath, had she not acted swiftly, (or rightly put, wisely).

She recalled the look on the infuriated David’s face, at first!

More still, her servants couldn’t help chatting excitedly on their way back home. In gratitude, they thanked their mistress for her unparalleled wisdom. Indeed, she was a far-cry from Nabal!

Skins of wine and roasted meat were still been consumed. The festivity seemed more elaborate than the former. Standing in a transfixed position, she watched her husband devouring wine like a thirsty acqautic mammal. It was so ironical so much to drink (at your disposal), yet not satisfied.

Nabal was clearly no match for David. In this state, he was most vulnerable and his death would have been easier than envisaged. Nodding her head in utter disgust, Abigail left for her chambers. It would be useless to talk some sense to him!

On the morrow, Abigail narrated her encounter with David. For the first time since she could remember, Nabal was awfully quiet… one might assume he was in shock or had lost his senses. He didn’t speak, neither did he make any attempt to.

Nabal’s wife was a bit worried, seeing that as the days went by, Nabal’s health condition worsened. The doctors could not come up with an appropriate diagnosis, or a logical explanation for his condition.

Several days later, the rich sheep-master passed on. It was quite a pity as the house of Nabal mourned his death. He was buried in accordance with the Jewish rites at his interment.

Abigail was not ignorant as to the cause of her husband’s death. The Lord had struck him!

David soon got word! The miserly sheep master was no more. Hmmm!

Instantly, several points of sober reflections were juxtaposed in his mind.

Could this be the way God wanted to avenge the affront meted to him from Nabal? Had God intended to punish him, all this while?

What could have been the result of he going ahead to launch the attack on Nabal and his household?

What could have been a more discrete explanation to his actions? Gross homicide on account of insult, derogation and denial of victuals!

Unfortunately, this would have been a dent on his political ambition as proposed King over all of Israel. The people of Judah might not have accepted his kingship, if he had murdered the Calebite, (Nabal).

Having preserved his integrity by not hurting Saul, on two occasions, killing Nabal could have been like putting a dead fly in the perfume,  causing the whole jar to stink. (Ecclesiastes 10:1)

Instantly, the King lifted up his hands in appreciation to the God of Israel whose sure mercies have prevailed over his case with Nabal.

More still, Nabal’s widow was right, she termed it a ‘needless bloodshed’

One might think she spoke prophetically. Probably, she saw Nabal’s demise as imminent. Abigail spoke with so much precision and he had begun to see beyond her words, but the spirit therein!

David gained a deeper understanding of the implications of Abigails’s actions on that fateful day. She understood that her busband’s days were numbered.

Knowing that David’s mission could be a confirmation of this, she stepped in to avert it. Obviously, she was more concerned about David, as her actions carefully spelled this out.

Couldn’t Abigail have allowed me run the full course of my  rage over her husband? More still, someone had to bear the brunt of his death! of course. Why bother if I was the unfortunate volunteer?

Probably, she had grown sick of her miserly and foolish husband, whom she conceived as a ‘walking corpse’ since he had garnered more enemies than friends, in his lifetime, anyway.

“What is the guarantee that she would accept my marriage proposal? She is a wise woman…too wise for jokes”!

He thought again, with his eyes wide open.

Oh Abigail…beautiful, discrete, and highly discerning.

How did she know that the Lord will soon crown me with the blessings of a lasting dynasty?
“This woman is truly mysterious”. Indeed, not all prophetesses will have their chambers under the Palm tree, like Deborah!

David tossed endlesslly on his sleeping position, as he managed to grab a little sleep, in the wee hours of the morning. However, he had taken a decision.

“The days of mourning will soon be over…” He spoke in hushed tones, with a wry smile. One might assume that he intended to do something mischievous.

The Carmelite widow got word!

The Warlord desired her hand in marriage.

Without delay, she got unto her donkey, in the company of her female servants, and went with David’s servants. One might think she saw it coming, hence she was not surprised.

Could it be that she saw beyond the ordinary? The great destiny of David et al.,

Nevertheless, Abigail’s chances of remarrying were high, since she was clearly young and pretty.

Why would she subscribe to marrying a proposed King who had no base, yet? He has been on the run, from one hill to another desert, from a jealous King Saul?

Unfortunately, David had  earlier married Ahinoam ( A woman from Jezreel). However, that was not a deterrent or threat to Abigail’s  consent.

More still, kings were powerful people and could afford to  marry more than one wife.

Abigail became the wife of David  and they lived in Ziklag (a city bequeathed to him by the Philistines)

She witnessed a fair share of his travail as ‘a man on the run’. Saul was still bent on killing him.

One of such occasions was when the Amalekites raided the David’s camp and carted away a great deal of his supplies…including his wives, Ahinoam and Abigail. However, David and his men rescued them all at the end of the day. (1Samuel 30)

Up next on the blog are life applications and the lessons for you and I, as it applies to the modern day Christian man/woman

God bless you for reading… Hope you learnt a thing or two?!

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