Who is a Christian Writer?

Who is a Christian Writer?

Really, who is a Christian writer?

I write seamlessly…

I have a good command of the English Language.

I have a deep revelation into the mysteries of God’s Word. I organize bible study groups in my local church.

Folks have affirmed that I have an excellent ability to teach God’s Word.

Should I start a blog or a social media page?

Therefore, I should be called a Christian writer/influencer.

In this discourse, I shall be taking you on the essentials and striking identities of a Christian Writer.

At the end of this text, you shall be able to provide a personal answer to the questions…

Who is a Christian writer/influencer? What makes me a Christian Writer? How do I know if I am meant to be a Christian writer/influencer? How do I discover my niche in Christian writing?

A whole lot of thoughts flood the minds of people when they hear the word blogging. Some think bloggers are no different from the regular gist and gossip influencers.

Many others think them to be digitized rumor mongers. More still, a significant lot think them to be attention seekers , crazy about  attracting a huge chunk of the populace to join their team of followers, because that will amount to more money in the bag, with a secret desire to attain the prospects of Linda Ikeji et al.,

      The aim of this write –up is to evoke a consciousness to all Christians, writers, poets and indeed social media influencers to the in-dept responsibility associated with the ministry of writing/blogging.

All Bible quotations here are cited from The Bible Gateway

          Jesus Christ had an encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4). Her encounter was so great that she couldn’t help but spread the Word.

Jesus Christ had access to the city of Samaria as a result of this. Hence, He could reach out to them because of the Samaritan social media evangelist.

As a Christian writer/blogger, the onus lies on you to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God.

We live in a world where so much attention and resources is being divested to the social media. Some are been put under unnecessary pressure to flaunt their flamboyant lifestyles, leading to a hidden bitterness, guilt and jealousy on the part of the viewers.

The great commission is an express command to infiltrate the social media with the glad tidings of the salvation that only Jesus Christ gives.

Interestingly, a majority of ‘social media inhabitants’ are youths, with ages ranging from 18-40 years of age, who spend hours of valuable time on the internet.

Honestly, I think that the euphoria of social media is gradually taking up the physical realities of this life.

An average youth now possesses a smart phone, and would rather prefer to have his data value intact rather than his call airtime. This bears so much worry as it poses a lot of distraction to even the seemingly non-social lot, seeing that they may be missing out on the ‘E-excitement’.

Personally, I think information travels faster than the speed of light. A thought, idea, lifestyle and mindset that must be communicated to the larger world must pass through the social media. This cuts across all areas of humanity; medicine, music, commerce, fashion, politics, religion etc.

Sadly, it has been said that if you want to hide information from a black man, put it in a book. This goes on to imply that the reading culture is gradually dwindling.

Forestalling this full-proof would require a consciousness on the part of Christian writers, authors, bloggers, social media influencers and all those who have a part in the ministry of spreading the word to be deliberate in their approach to reach the populace.

For the purpose of this text, I would be using the Christian writer as an umbrella term, encompassing the aforementioned categories.

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What is Christian Writing?

A Christian writer is one who has received grace and skill in the art of scribbling godly contents. He/she is committed to making Christ known through the power of a writing means.

Over the years, Christian writing has evolved from the normal routine of stringing words together, and employing excellent diction to convey the import of a story or thought.

The evolution of graphics, colorful designs, podcasts, websites, online videos and other elements aimed at engaging a reader bears so much importance to writers in general.

Interestingly, a majority of the literate populace (excluding the visually impaired) are youths. Hence, the onus lies on all Christian writers and bloggers to be proactive in the delivery of high quality materials that could benefit persons at different levels.

A Christian Writer is a Soul Winner

“ Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: ” (Matthew 28:19)

The Great Commission is not a mandate for preachers and pastors alone. As a Christian writer/blogger, you have a responsibility to communicate Kingdom principles to a generation.

Hence, he/she will stop at nothing to see to it that the gospel is brought to light and made available to all via the social media. There are many fields to dominate in this respect.

The scriptures say that “He that wins a soul is wise”. Hence, you are serving the purpose of God if you are winning hearts for Christ on your Christian website or social media page.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is averse to the good news and many Christians shy away from publicly upholding the tenets of the kingdom for several reasons.

The reasons include, (but not restricted to) the fact that it seems unpopular (out-of-trend) and not yielding immediate returns on investment of their time and efforts.

The woman of Samaria is a biblical attestation to the significant role of the media in our daily lives. She had just encountered the Messiah, and she was too grateful to be calm in publicizing the good news. The people of Samaria encountered the Word on account of this social media influencer.

A Christian Writer is a Word-Addict

The Word of God is the ‘feed mechanism’ of the Christian writer/blogger. In my opinion, I want to say that the christian writer is a minister of God’s Word. Hence, Christian Writing is Ministry! (Smiles).

This is ministry and as such must communicate the person and patterns of Christ in all ramifications. This is the template for fruitfulness.

The Christian blogger/writer must know and love the Word of God, and hold it in high regard above every other principle.

In an era of conflicting doctrines and disparate views on certain Christian subjects, godliness and deliberateness must be part and parcel of his/her lifestyle.

This is because these articles, videos, podcasts and blogs are usually disseminated across different spiritual tribes in the body of Christ.

The Christian writer/blogger must realize that although their personal ideologies are most likely reflected in their write-ups, which is often a revelation of the writer’s christian roots.

Therefore, every christian writer must be careful so as not to infiltrate the pure word of God as communicated in his/her writings to the body of Christ.

Who is a Christian Writer?

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A Christian Writer is a Creator

Imprinted in every piece is the heartbeat of its writer. Additionally, every piece serves a particular purpose, vis-à-vis: enlightenment, educative, argumentative, descriptive, motivational, entertainment purposes etc.

Hence, as a Christian blogger/writer, your readers are not just attracted to the seamless flow of words in your articles; they are also attached to the feeling of your write-ups.

Writers can be really emotional persons, and it is mostly reflected as they convey their words.

As a Christian writer/blogger, your main aim is to create or recreate a mindset in the subconscious minds of your readers.

Certain readers who are engaged with a particular piece will tell you that they were imagining the entire imagery as they absorbed the content of the piece. Its more like, creating a world for which your readers (viewers) would have to embrace and exist in.

As a writer, you are a creator, an artist, a painter, a designer etc.
I have heard stories of people who were enchanted/ hypnotized upon reading a particular book! (Smiles).

A Christian Writer is Kingdom-Oriented

We must be intentional as Christian writers/bloggers to communicate Christ and project Him unreservedly across different races and tribes.

Unfortunately, the secular world seems to have more influence in the blogosphere. Hence, if we must populate the media with the good news of the Kingdom, deliberateness, creativity and technological advancements must be prioritized. However, this must not be to the detriments of our tenets.

Our message is genuine and is all-powerful. Hence, we must promote it unreservedly. Different social media platforms have the ability to drive traffic to our blogs when we employ and follow certain strategies.

More still, the Christian blogger should be willing to embrace technological changes and as such, subscribe to training and mentor-ship so as to be better equipped.

How do I know that I am a Christian Writer?

Writers are both born and made!

Some were born with exceptional writing skills. However, some acquired writing skills. It is a gift, (and like every other gift), it can be honed into perfection. However, unto all, God has given a measure of faith.

Most writers will tell you that they just know they scribble a lot of sense when they write. Although, at first it was just a rubble of letters! (Smiles)

Honestly, I believe that you will find so much grace in your areas of strength. Although, you may not be a born genius, however, you can grow into the fullness of this ministry as you practice.

For instance, I cannot say I am a writer, and then I always see writing as an arduous task. It implies that I haven’t found grace in the ministry of writing.

What do I do now?

Actually, some persons tell me that they do write, but that was in the past! and I ask them this…

What happened? Why did you stop writing?

Although, it is not every writer that must necessarily be a Christian writer, an author, or a blogger. There are yet other subjects to write about!

However, my emphasis is on the course of promoting godly contents on the internet.

Christian Writing/Blogging is a multifaceted ministry with unexploited areas.
My humble advice to you is to explore;
Be generous to write on all genre: Poetry, drama and prose!

Be liberal and find your areas of strength under God.

I will also recommend mentorship. You cannot tread on an unknown path for very long, on your own. You need the help of God, through men for the journey.

Another tip that is helping me a lot in my journey as a Christian blogger is collaboration.

Find people in your niche and share ideas and challenges together. Walk with those who will challenge you to do more. Be inquisitive too!

Finally, trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding

Grace to you!

Thank you so much for reading thus far!

I’ll be willing to address your questions in the comment session!

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