Hello, lovely ones,

I have truly missed you all. Apologies for my absence for well over 2 months, without prior notice…
A renowned sage (A.W Tozer) once said:
“Sometimes it is needful to stop moving so that you can move faster”

I took the bold step (after several months of delay) to start blogging as I made my first post on the 1st of January 2019.
I experienced hurdles on the journey. However, my blog was upgraded in April 2019, alongside a series of intensive coaching I was/ and is still undergoing.

These months of my absence have been remarkable to the history and future of my blog as I was set about making worthwhile preparations in gathering the needed wherewithal to make your stay here memorable.
The word hub is on a steady scale of continuous improvement as it promises great content!

Formerly, its was itsthewordhub.wordpress.com. Its now, itsthewordhub.com

Once again: You are welcome!

I want to appreciate you all for the support and encouragement.
Thank you for your time and patience. Much is to be said about your loyalty to a budding blogger like me!

The privilege of leveraging on the vast knowledge garnered from successful bloggers will also not be without due appreciation…on a special day…winks!
Blogging is part of the assignments, given to me, for my world.

I am a dogged enthusiast of spirituality, diligence, and excellence, and such is what this platform is committed to delivering!

We are utilizing the tools of People, Principles, Poetry, Lifestyle, and Faith to inspire you in terms of making God’s Word clearer on a weekly basis. Stories and Bible fiction are not left out too.
I want to urge you all to keep up with the happenings herein, for God is raising excellent writers in our generation…

I believe life isn’t just in existing alone, but in living !

Darling…Keep living!
Remember that it’s in being saved that you are safe!
Thank you and God bless you immensely.

With much love and fealty!


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    1. Amara… Thank you so much.
      You can subscribe to my E-mail and newsletter.
      it’s so nice to have you here

  1. More grace Ma! Am proud of you Ma and I celebrate the grace of God upon your life. You’re blessed beyond measures.

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