To the godly single lady: Your true identity is found in Christ alone

To the godly single lady: Your true identity is found in Christ alone
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13 Who are you?

        It’s so good to have you here again….I hope you are doing great?

Thank God!
I have been on a series, writing on 12 tips for the godly single lady.’

Today, we shall be discussing an important aspect today. Kindly refer to the previous post here!

Pheeewww! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s celebration. Our lives as Christian is replete with the love of Christ that had been shed abroad in our hearts. Hence, love should be no struggle for you as a godly single lady!
The thrust for today is titled: Your true identity is found in Christ alone. I am particularly excited to share this tip for two reasons:

Firstly, every word represented in the title above had a spiritual significance that borders largely in your life as a godly single lady.
Secondly, it bears so much importance to me personally, and also because I am still on the path of unveiling and rediscovering my true identity in the Lord Jesus Christ. Truly, I am convinced that it also bears a great importance to you too.

        Your identity is what identifies you from the lot. It is the distinguishing factor that makes you unique, different and outstanding. What would make me identify a small red cord in the multitude of several large white cords is not necessarily about the differences in size, but in colour.
Ecclesiastes 1:1
‘The words of the preacher, the son of David, King in Jerusalem”

Solomon had a revelation of his primary identity as a preacher! Interestingly, this was the wisest and richest man (and king) that ever lived. However, time and chance happened to him, and upon a careful scrutiny of the events in his life, in the above introductory text, he put away wealth, wisdom and masculine virility!

He was Solomon, the preacher,…then a king!

The family cannot also be neglected in this matter of your identity as a single lady. You did not choose the shape of your nose. You weren’t given an opportunity to choose your family! These things were beyond your control. Hence, your family is a necessary part of you.

The Jewish single orphan girl, Esther would not be carried away by the flamboyance and riches of King Ahaserus. She displayed a high level of comport, discretion and integrity. Her knowledge of her true identity in God informed her choices, and hence she emerged as Queen!

Time will fail me to talk about the three Hebrew boys who were forcefully taken as captives to a heathen nation. Nonetheless, they were able to represent God fearlessly, because they had a foreknowledge of their true identity. This informed their choices in terms of food, worship, and beliefs.

My dear lady, permit me to ask you a question at this point...

Who are you?

A conventional answer would supply the details of one’s name, age, profession, state of origin, etc.

However, in the Kingdom of Christ, those details are simply superficial. Solomon, after going through this life, was able to come up with a more appropriate and Holy-Spirit inspired revelation of his true identity.
Dear lady, your identity may encompass your name(what people call you), age, sex, profession,marital status etc.

Now, I’d love to take a cue…

My name is Miss Meg, I am 25 years old. I am a lawyer by profession etc. I love baking and outdoor catering!

As amazing as this sounds, this is not all there is! I wish to propose to you that your true and complete identity is found in Christ alone. It’s so amazing how many ladies out there are living far below what was originally associated with their identity.

To the godly single lady: Your true identity is found in Christ alone.

“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord”{2 corinthians 3:18)

Imprinted upon the pages of scripture, is your divine identity. The word of God is a mirror. Your true identity is not found in the surface! Just as gold is found beneath the earth crust, your true identity is hidden!

Ohhh! Its so precious that it’s hidden…in Christ, who is the Author of all of life.

What’s the implication of this? Your true identity can be found and revealed to you!
A progressive journey of faith is the key!
A revelation of this will inform all your choices. You are not like every other person, and as such you have to live your life, based on the revelations of Christ to you, and not to religion.
Sadly, many christian ladies have lived  part of their lives, succumbing to doctrines, which are not in themselves, harmful.

However, in challenging times, there is no word of conviction that keeps them dogged and faithful to their course.

My heart is truly sober as I write this. A foreknowledge of your true identity makes you stand strong and unwavering. Your life becomes sort of customized, because your every day decisions are predicated upon the speakings of God to you personally, not to a religious sect!

Earnestly, I pray we understand this because it forms the framework of our subsequent discussions on the blog!

My dear lady, do you realize that if God succeeds with us over this matter of identity, there will be less frustrations and in this journey of faith?

You are not shaken by your marital status, financial handicaps, emotional instabilities etc.
More still, this can inform your decisions in seemingly trivial matters such as choices of hairstyles, clothings, cosmetics and jewelries etc. Your Christianity becomes more of a relationship than a compulsory ritual!

Remember that as a Christian lady, you died with Christ, and you were buried with Christ. Hence, your new (and indeed true)e identity is found in Christ alone. Find ‘yourself’ in Christ!
Discover ‘you’ in scriptures!

I am deliberate about this! Will you join me?

Are you a christian? If no, then lets say this prayer together! I’ll be glad to lead you to Jesus Christ! Thank you.

Heads up!
Keep a date with us, as we shall be discussing your passion and purpose as a Christian lady!

Thanks and God bless you.

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