To the godly single lady: Who are your inner circle friends?

To the godly single lady: Who are your inner circle friends?

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Today, we shall be discussing on the topic here!

To the godly single lady, who are your inner circle friends?
There is a popular saying that goes thus: No man is an island!
Actually, man is a social animal and as such his need for close association is not debatable. Interestingly, even the introverts and social recluses will always need folks of their kind to associate with.

In the beginning, the first man ever created was busy with his God-given assignment: naming the creatures. Truthfully, he was engaged with this task.

However, it was not long before God realized there was a challenge.
In the entire process of creation, God had always been satisfied with every progress.

Nevertheless, He spotted a problem that even Adam was probably too engaged to notice.
Adam’s need for association… in fact his need for a suitable partner.

It is even more interesting that the workaholic was alone. This explains that loneliness is not always linked with activity. One can be so tied up with much work, yet one is lonely.

Hence, the first challenge God was faced with in creation was that of a suitable association for man.

I hear some ladies who are so loud about the social-dependence thingy… and their need to just be alone. Quite honestly, I submit to you that such ideologies may not be feasible in this time and age.

The current situation of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic which has placed an inevitable ban on major social gatherings and the debilitating effects it has on several groups explains man’s need for close associations.

Undoubtedly, as we advance in life, inevitable changes in friendship circles becomes more evident with changing geographical locations or by virtue of marriage, occupation, academic advancements etc.

All thanks to social media which has truly helped to unite friends from a distance. Therefore, the onus lies on the parties involved to keep close tabs and bridge the communication gap.

Indeed, the need for godly and intimate inner circle friends is important as ladies are very often expressive of their emotions.
In many cases, you ll always find a group of ladies discussing various issues as it relates to their relationships and marriage. Sadly, it may may not be a great idea to discuss intimate marital issues under such situations.

However, due to her emotional dispositions and her need to pour out her heart to her friends, she is often left without a choice. This is quite evident in age-long relationships.
The thrust here is actually centered on godly single ladies? Who are your inner circle friends?

Do you have such?

Your inner circle friends are your close pals. Friends, whom you are quite intimate with.
Most ladies almost always have such friends majorly featured on their weddings as a part of the planning sect! They make choices together, wedding/bridal train dress, cake, wine, colour of the day etc. They pray together, rebuke one another, etc.

Why would I even need the inner circle friends?

My dear, in as much as having the above is not compulsory, it is however, a way of profitable associations for reasons of easing up, loosening up and sharing your challenges together.

Having a group of friends (covenant friends, destiny friends)who can share with you, pray with you and counsel you where necessary is indispensable.

Godly inner circle friends is important as ladies are very often expressive of their emotions.To the godly single lady: Who are your inner circle friends?

Two heads are indeed better than one. You cannot exist alone.
Personally, I have discovered that this is true in different aspects of life. When I started my Christian blog last year, I knew I could not do this alone. I needed other Christian bloggers who I could be friends with, as this would be of help to me.

No man can rise alone. We all need each other.

More still, I discovered that  inner circle friends are almost always ladies with similar patterns of reasoning, ideologies etc.

Show me your friends and I will show you who you are!
The above statement is true because your friends reflects or gives one an idea of your kinda person.
Thus, what are the primary attributes to look out for in the ladies who should be part of your inner circle friends?

  • They must be practicing Christians
  • Similar mindsets and Christian convictions
  • Identical purposes/life purposes. 

The above is truly important if you must be focused! This is because your friends are often very influential. Associations are powerful because many ladies have instinctively imbibed certain attributes (manner of speech, dress sense, etc.) by virtue of partnership.  The issue of correct and godly friendship cannot be overemphasized especially in reference to the godly single lady who must move forward!

I pray God grants you help even in this matter!


To the godly single lady: Who are your inner circle friends?

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