To the godly single lady: The Holy Spirit is your first lover

To the godly single lady: The Holy Spirit is your first lover

Hello Princess,

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13 • Your first Lover is the Holy Spirit

I realize that you are single and godly. I know that you have surrendered your all to Jesus Christ, to follow Him all the way. I observe how your desire was burning and how you longed for His Divine Presence!

Nevertheless, there were times that you doubted the essence of your entire Christian journey. Actually, it’s not been like taking a walk in the park.

I realize that several times you did fall, but the arms of mercy have been steadily outstretched to lift you up. More still, the journey has not been easy.
I realize that you are not just a godly/single lady, but you are purposeful, vibrant and promising. Probably, you have great plans to advance in your chosen career. Truly, you have amazing entrepreneurial skills, to be self employed and become a boss lady! How sweet!

I realized that you have tried to work on yourself so much so as to be a balanced woman and future wife. I see you have struggled so much with the ills you have noticed about your character, and your struggle has only yielded little!

I realized that, on many occasions, you have been tempted to explore the world outside and you have sought to explore the beauty of singlehood in the safest way possible.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to ruin things now, would you?(smiles)

I observed that you had once desired/ might still desire your privacy to think through the untold conflicting thoughts screaming for expression.
I know you always cherish those moments of solitude with God. Your desire to have a breath of fresh air at intervals to enable you think through lingering issues. Truly, this makes you value your privacy.

I see you on those mornings when you awoke with anxious thoughts of your dream home; A spiritually-minded, handsome and caring husband, plus elegant kids. Thoughts of these makes you wonder if your sincere longings will be a once upon a time fairy tale

My beautiful one, I believe all or some of aforementioned have bearings to you; hence, I want to guide you through several truths as a single lady who is willing to wait on God.

Hence, I will be sharing 12 tips to guide you through this period of singlehood.

To the godly single lady: The Holy Spirit is your first lover!

• Your first Lover is the Holy Spirit
• Your true identity is in Christ alone
• Pursue your God-given passion/purpose
• What makes you spiritual?
• Define your dress sense
• Get involved
• Who are your inner circle friends?
• Its okay to love and be loved
• You can be vulnerable too: Handling the surge!
• Becoming a wife, before you are found!
• Submit to your spiritual guides!
• The journey to a fulfilling wife-hood

• Your first Lover is the Holy Spirit

Let the Holy Spirit be your practical, and not just your verbal lover. At this stage, you are emotionally laden, and as such, your tendency to love and be loved is not in question. Let your emotions be properly divested towards the Lord. Be thorough and naked before Him in this phase of your life, so as to wholly maximize it.

An important ingredient that will guide you through this phase is sincerity with God, and trust in God alone. God has a purpose for singlehood, which we shall later discuss on the blog. Let your entire gaze be fixed on Him.
Relationship is built on the basis of trust. A lot of single ladies who have made room for these interactions, have had firsthand information (from the Spirit of God) about intricate aspects of their lives.

Do you know that the best phase in a woman’s life, in terms of cultivating intimacy and intercourse with the Spirit of God is now that you are single?

Intimacy and partnership is built when we learn to tell Him anything and everything. Its much more than a heterogeneous relationship. It grows deeper than that because women are wired to love.

Luke 10:27

In this period of single-hood, you have got loads of love towards the one to whom you give your heart to. Sincerely, your heart has a tendency to be given. More still, this is more pronounced to the lady who is not yet engaged. Hence, engaging your heart, soul and mind with the Lord is most beneficial for you as a single godly lady.

The hallmark of love is sacrifice. A sacrifice of time and resources! As a single lady, how much love do you have for God? You can only wait on/for someone whom you love. True love is evident in our approach to God with respect to being with Him, and loving His Presence daily.

Dear lady, How willing are you to follow Him duly, even when His promptings seem impossible? A track record of trust and dependence is built on the foundation of sincere love for God.

The Holy Spirit is closer than you think, desiring your constant company with Him.
This relationship shields your faith and consolidates your convictions
An important ingredient is sincerity and openness of heart
It builds your lifestyle of prayer/communion
Your emotions are properly divested and channeled

Are you making a comittment to be godly as you are single? Lets do this ladies! Say the prayer below?

To the godly single lady: The Holy Spirit is your first lover

Up next on the blog is another exciting tip for you! “Your true Identity is in Christ alone”

Are you born again? The good news is that its not too late to join the train of godly single ladies!

Please say the prayer below!

I ll be glad to have your feedback on my personal email! (

God bless you darling!

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  1. A great love relationship is actively cultivate through constant communication, trust and consistent commitment to the needs of your partner. We must realise that God even the Holy Spirit also has needs. He says in Ez. I sought for a man… Holy Ghost help me love you with all my heart

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