To the godly single lady: Pursue your God-given purpose/passion

Your purpose is a description of you God-given identity. It is the ‘what’ of ‘who’ you are. It explains the roles you are born to execute on earth.

Hello ladies,

It seems quite along time since I last wrote a post here. Do forgive me. I guess the length and the busyness of the week appears to be affecting time.

How have you been? How are you carrying on with your goals for the year, 2020? The year is moving at top speed and there is so much to do from my end.

Sometimes, the possibility of combining many essential activities plus an all-round self-development seems like a herculean task. However, Grace has always been made available for me!

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We have been on a series and I am very excited to share the 3rd tip with us. To the godly single lady: Pursue your God-given purpose/passion

In the previous post, we had discussed about identity. However, today we are exploring an important aspect; purpose.
There are sequential, yet necessary steps to the path of fulfillment as a godly single lady. This is because ‘identity’ addresses the question of who are you? Purpose addresses the question of what are you? or should I say why are you? {smiles}.

Lets take a cue!
A newly employed staff in an organized establishment is usually assigned a designated position of service. This is a named platform that identifies him, e.g. personnel manager, Sales marketer etc. At a glimpse, one can have an idea or two about his expected roles in the establishment. However, this is not enough to ensure an excellent discharge of the employee’s duties. This is because the employee needs a job description; which is a detailed description of the expected roles, functions, requirements and objectives as it pertains to that office. The job description is sometimes explained succinctly to the new staff for better comprehension.
In this scenario, the ‘designation’ refers to identity, while the ‘job description’ talks about purpose!

Both terminologies (identity and purpose) are very necessary in your journey as a godly single lady.
Your purpose is a description of you God-given identity. It is the ‘what’ of ‘who’ you are. It explains the roles you are born to execute on earth.

Jeremiah 1:5 King James Version (KJV)

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

No one (man or woman) was born without a purpose. This is because God is always seeking for solutions to problems in the society. Hence, he seeks for godly ladies (and indeed, men) upon whom He can replicate His possibilities, via the original purpose for which they were born.

Therefore,, you are a solution carrier and you could function in one or more of the many facets of life; including the church, media, education, science, business world, family life etc.

You are not a product of an accidental sexual union. Your birth was divinely orchestrated to fix a problem on earth. Unfortunately, many have died, neither discovering nor fulfilling their purposes on earth.

Interestingly, as powerful as God is, He is somewhat handicapped when it comes to restoring the divine order on earth. To a large extent, He is largely dependent on man. God needed a ‘Moses’ to deliver His children (the Israelites) from the tyranny of Pharoah. Irrespective of all of Moses’ annoying excuses/complaints. Nonetheless, God was somewhat insistent on sending him.
Dear godly single lady, you were not born to exist on earth, bear children and exit gloriously! God has called us into a glorious purpose. Stop utilizing the earth’s resources without anything to give back in return!

God is the designer of your purpose. Realize that His plans are that you live in the knowledge and prompt execution of what was originally written about you!

             Hebrews 10:6 King James Version (KJV)

In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. “Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.

Truthfully, Jesus was able to discern (by the Spirit of God), what He was born on earth to achieve. Hence, He subscribed to the will of God for Him by death on the cross.
Every man’s purpose is unique, detailing the contents of your moments on earth, as ordained in the divine order.

When Moses attained a certain age, he came to terms with his true identity and sought to fulfill his purpose. This took him through the rigors of training, via discipleship in Midian.
Satan understands the uniqueness of your purpose as a single lady and He seeks to thwart it, through any means possible. That would be a huge minus to his agenda!
Women like Deborah, Esther, Ruth, Mary etc. lived out their days in fulfillment, having accomplished their purposes.

To the godly single lady: Pursue your God-given purpose/passion

To the godly single lady: Pursue your God-given purpose/passion

Now, we are getting somewhere, right?

See, as a single lady, God was so deliberate about you that He put certain abilities, capacities and innate liking for certain things. These things summarize your passions.
They are a vital part of you. There are surgeons, who are excellent bakers, and the entire package is a pointer to a purpose!

Now, lets talk about you!

  • What can you do diligently, so engrossed in it that you lose track of time, food or even sleep?
  • What gives you so much joy, in doing, and you do it with ease? (irrespective of how little)
  •  What service can you comfortably render with little or no funding, because you enjoy doing it?
  •  What will you give your time and energy to doing, so much so that, even with little returns, you are insistent and unyielding?
  •  What can you discuss with- or teach someone for hours (at any time you are called upon) and you deliver with little or no guide or reference?

The responses to the above may not conclusive, but they serve as helpful pointers to your life purpose? Hence, do not overlook those passions!
As potentials, they need to be harnessed, if they must positively metamorphose and lead one clearly into purpose.

Dear lady, do not be a woman without a purpose. This would mean a lack of direction and the journey of marriage may not be worthwhile!
Women who were busy in their God-given purpose have been found by men who later became their husbands.

You must understand that your purpose is like a magnetic pole. It tends to attract those with a similar purpose as you (friendships and relationship). Those within your inner circle are most likely to be those with similar life purposes.

It is my sincere desire that you find your purpose, and put it to good use. Do not bury it under the earth as in the parable of the talents.
May God help us, Amen!

To the godly single lady: Pursue your God-given purpose/passion

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  1. When the purpose of a thing is not known Abuse is inevitable. Open my eyes oh Lord, quicken my heart daily that I might know fulfill the reason for which you created me
    Thank you you Sis. Anointed

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