The Praise Train!

An offering of praise is my greatest gain
Seeing Christ daily, in my growing pain
Promptings to praise, He still constrains
To invoke the seasons of the latter rain
Lord, that I mayest  join the praise train

My little treat is to give Him my best
Wishing I could attain its very zest
Loving none, than ‘The Highest’
Leaving my position at His breast
Would mean falling below the crest

In dark shades of a momentary haze
With the help of His abiding Grace
True tunes, so gladly, I’d raise!
Scribbles of flamed phrases
In full blooms of thy praise

I’ll draw from the lyrics of the song
Therein, a whole lot were strung
Wishing I wrote all which my heart sung
While He takes ‘em, while I am still strong!
Writing it all, while I am young

Lord, if I could make one plea
My exit from Earth to come to thee
Be attendant by tunes of a melodious key
My desire to join the saintly praise-team
‘Tis my forever dream!

The Praise Train!

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