Wriggling to gather my bloodied litters
Angry stares met my rouge fingers
‘Tis sickening stench was my typical marker
I thought a chance with Jesus was a ‘never’

The surging throng, nonetheless
I made it through the press
Thoughts of a dozen years of sheer ignominy
And a gravely bruised feminity

I was that red, lame dame
In a bid to feel His garment’s hem
I encountered the healing Stem
That feel was too real to remain the same

Dealings of a firm resolve
The red robes daren’t dissolve
With die-hard energy, I strove
Barely noticed in the “human-drove”

Alas, He felt an outward surge
Fueled by my persistent urge
Although, He was on the move
My miracle was full-proof!



 Every woman longs for a fulfilling womanhood. Many more seek to celebrate feminity as a subject of pride and kingdom relevance.

However, this was not the case in this woman.She was a fountain of red flux for twelve dreary years… Grossly emaciated and almost always pale, Drenched bloodied clothes were typical of her, as she was always seen gathering smelly ‘rags’. Frequent baths and expensive body fragrance could not prevent the malodorous sensation around her. So unpleasant it was that she felt irritated herself and thought to end it all on several occasions. Her presence in any  home was not only psychologically traumatizing, but medically unfit and discomforting for other inhabitants. Hence, she took to the streets.  Having consulted the best physicians ever, nothing positive was forthcoming. The conclusion was that menopause might just be her last hope of ceasing the blood flow. Perhaps, she embraced the a plethora  of perfumes and odour repellants. More still, her hope of ever having a blissful marital experience has long been dashed. It was more like flogging a dead horse. She avoided white clothes just as she avoided the synagogues and social gatherings for fear of being pushed out like a dirty dog.

Her decision to encounter the healing stem brought her out of this mess.Her faith was put to work, reaching out to experience Him in a most profound manner.Fortunately, this put an end to the seemingly unending  emotional scourge. 

Have you encountered The Healing Stem?

Will you touch Him now?

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  1. It’s a beautiful thing Onyi, the art of drawing people to God with your gift. Keep it up.
    The healing stem, the metaphorical hem and the inspirational wordhub just might be one and the same! 🔥…. Though in different times and ages!

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