Now, the child Solomon grew and waxed strong in strength and character, being instructed in the ways of the Lord. Though he was quite young, Bathsheba gave no room for unhealthy influences to the young prince and had him receive instructions directly from the Prophet, Nathan. Bathsheba birthed several sons for the King: Shobab, Shammuah, and Nathan. Obviously, she was too grateful to the prophet, such that she named her last son after him. They had become close allies.

Solomon took to the paths of his father, David, in writing skills. He cherished the times of learning at his father’s feet. Solomon grew under his mother’s instructions, so much had he learned that he turned deaf ears to local gossips who unceasingly tried to discredit his mother’s integrity. His collections of proverbs (as inspired by his mother) were well scripted and chronicled in the holy scriptures.

Trouble looms in David’s household as ill-fated events unfold to fulfill the prophecy of Nathan some years back.

     Unfortunately, an abominable incest occurred amongst his children. Amnon, the heir apparent to the throne of Israel raped his step-sister, Tamar. A deadly revengeful attack was launched on Amnon by Absalom, whose sister’s dignity was insulted by the arrogant Prince.

All attempts by the King to salvage the situation proved abortive as his sons appeared to have gone wacko on their murderous rampage. Hatred and enmity rained cat and dogs amongst his wives and the Royal Princes.

Absalom, the most handsome and winsome of David’s sons, left the palace.  Perceiving the consequences of his mad rage and seeing the impossibility of a normal transfer of the reins of power from the King to him as the next legitimate heir, sought for other ways to usurp the throne of Israel, with Ahithophel’s assistance. Unfortunately, the enraged prince was subsequently killed by Joab (the chief of David’s army)when he almost succeeded with usurping the kingship of Israel. David wept unceasingly, on seeing the reckless bloody battle in his household. He returns to the palace in a relatively solemn demeanor alongside his faithful comrades.

Now David was full of years and the flesh on his body proved an insufficient cover to his weak body. The normal bodily heat became a prized asset as his servants sought for ways to appeal to his senses. They assumed that the warm press of a woman’s body against his own would generate the much-needed heat. Abishag, a Shunammite maiden was contracted to do the job of attending to the King’s supposed need. However, the King made no attempt to know her sexually. However, she cherished the King greatly.


Adonijah was the son of Haggith (David’s fourth wife). He was born in Hebron in the days of David’s travail against the household of Saul. The ambitious prince must have assumed that he was such an awesome lad!. Perhaps, this explained why he had never been reprimanded by the King. Nevertheless, it was quite worrying that his sessions with his father were a far cry from being intimate.

 Nevertheless, he didn’t budge. The old King was nearing the end of his life. His other brothers were out of the picture as a result of vengeful bloodshed. There was no public declaration made to announce the King’s successor. Logically, this was an opportune time to accede the throne.

Hence, Adonijah began scheming to crown himself King after his father, David. (The old King was probably too senile to do the needful).

Being desperately ambitious, he sought for a way through. Apart from being very handsome and graceful, this lad had a sugar-coated tongue. Having consorted with some persons relevant to the success of his plan, Adonijah won Abiathar, the priest, and Joab, the chief of the King’s army over to his side. Joab was more concerned with serving the reigning monarch than pledging loyalty to a worn out warrior!

Nathan the prophet,  Zadok, the priest, plus David’s mighty men alongside some others refused to buy into Adonijah’s vision. They chose to remain loyal to King David’s leadership. Although, their King was far from being the spirited warrior that the Kingdom needed to fight the Lord’s battles. Nonetheless, they chose not to be a  party to betrayal and treason to the throne of Israel.

The ambitious prince garnered the support of the younger princes and the royal officials and nobles in the palace. Hence, he invited them to his coronation where he crowned himself King.

Nathan got wind of the plot and sought for Bathsheba (the mother of Solomon) without delay. Obviously, the Queen was too distraught to make any significant move, considering that her son was not the apparent heir. Perhaps, she was not in the know of the recent happenings!

Reality dawned on the Queen when Nathan accosted her at the hour of Adonijah’s coronation. Bathsheba’s resolve to let sleeping dogs lie was suddenly reverted as the prophet exposed to her, the implications of Adonijah’s assumption as King. She needed no further convictions, seeing that the safety of both her life and that of Solomon would be dangerously hanging loosely!

In one swoop, she was found in the King’s chambers, whilst the prophet stood away from the royal chambers. They had a mission.  one which, for the sake of their hides (and for posterity)must not fail!

Bathsheba bowed low in reverence. Proceeding further, she reminded the King of his promise to have his son, Solomon be the next King and sit on his throne. Relaying her fears of security and acceptance in a most convincing way. Wielding her feminine power, she appealed to his senses. The King was hypnotized by her choice of words, diplomacy, and political sagacity.  Whilst she was yet speaking, the prophet arrived in their midst. He made obeisance to the king. Bathsheba had slowly exited the scene, some seconds ago.

He made some intelligent but polite statements that did not only corroborate Bathsheba’s facts but also made the King feel like he was losing his reins of power to Adonijah who was being celebrated as the crowned King, whilst they spoke. Immediately, he summoned Bathsheba and repeatedly emphasized the vow he had earlier made as regards his royal succession. Although David’s senses of vision were as dull as his fleshy sensations, he acted forthrightly.  Solomon was not in the scene, in all of these events, he had no influence or will-power whatsoever.

Although, there was no written scriptural record, where David made such promises. there were reasons to believe it was true. Probably, the King had made some secret promises to Queen Bathsheba in her days of grief unknown to the general public (1Kings 1:20).

Bathsheba was a  shrewd woman, knowing better than to let the cat out of the bag, for her son’s sake. Obviously, Nathan was in the know of the secret and persuades the King to make a definite decision in line with his vow.

Momentously, the coronation rites of Solomon were performed. Zadok, the priest anointed him as King, (as it should be customarily done) at Gihon spring. The instruction was that Solomon would ride on the King’s personal mule and back to the palace, escorted (by the priest, prophet and his personal bodyguard) to be seated upon his father’s throne.

There was no gainsaying to the fact that Solomon had assumed rulership over the entire domains of Israel!

So boisterous was the royal revelry that the earth shook vehemently. This sensation filtered confusion and fear into the hearts of Adonijah and his merry band. On hearing the latest update, his supporters all scampered for safety, fearing the wrath of the just coronated. They were too scared to pay their loyalty to the crowned King.

Perhaps, Adonijah was swift, as he was clever. He rushed to the sacred tent, and seizes the horns of the altar, as though that was his last lifeline. In this position, it would be compromising for a King who truly fears God to harm him. He was assured of his safety.

King Solomon got wind of the news of Adonijah’s refusal to release his hold on his supposed lifeline, on the condition that the King swears to spare his life. Solomon accepted to spare him on the conditions of his full comportment and loyalty to him always. Adonijah was dismissed to go home.

Probably, Adonijah perceived that Solomon was like his late brothers, thirsty for power, revenge, and blood. Solomon knew better, being instructed by his mother, Bathsheba, and mentored by his father.

To be continued…


Our actions today can have serious deleterious effects on us tomorrow, or worse still our children. David’s sin of adultery and murder many years ago is taking a sad toll in the palace!

Spiritual sensitivity is indispensable in this time and age, being aware of the ordinances over our lives….this knowledge will be important in strategic prayers for our lives and destinies.

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