TAMAR: A Heroine of Hope

TAMAR: A Heroine of Hope

Having explored the life of Rahab in the previous episodes, we shall consider another amazing character. Her name is Tamar: A heroine of hope!

Tamar stared aimlessly at the floor, looking over the cracked potsherd few meters away from the door. All that mattered to her at this point was “justice”. She must do it her way, irrespective of the cost…even her life. She would wait no more! She couldnt be dissuaded by anyone, not even by Rizpah (her maid-in-waiting) who presently stared at her with eyes searching frantically for answers that were obviously not forthcoming.

The big question is why would this pretty woman subscribe to taking laws into her hands, knowing she would die for doing it?

  Guess what! She is the next ‘Wonder woman on the series “The Four Most Unlikely Ancestresses”…


Her name was Tamar…meaning “Date palm” (a plant which survives dry and harsh conditions and still bears sweet and nourishing fruits, It can sway in the desert winds without breaking).
She was in her late teens: promising, industrious and innocent.
Although she was young, yet was old enough to carry out certain tasks that could earn her a living if she was steady at it!
She could cook, weave a basket, tend a herd, make pottery, plant a garden, fill the water troughs and make her mother (Sabre) happy!

Tamar: A heroine of hope was one petite and pretty figure, who had lived long enough to master the scenery of the countryside and had very little or no exposure. She has always harboured an age long fantasy…to sample the delights of the world outside of the home. She had always enjoyed the warmth and ambience of ‘family’ as much as she once valued the warmth of mother’s bosom, revelling in the ecstasy it can afford. Unfortunately, Father’s occasional stares would automatically jolt her back to corrective discipline.
Her girlhood days were marked with beautiful memories, laced with thoughts of the future!
Sabre never relented in dealing with traces of rude conduct in her transition to womanhood. Thoughts of these evoked a certain wild excitement, but tales of the responsibilities therein made Tamar cringe!
She resolved to maximise her days as a young maiden, cherishing the moments of being with family, where she could be as free as a stray bird!


Zared commanded a high level of respect and admiration amongst the townspeople. He was quite insightful and brave. One would assume he had mastered the art of making meaningful relationships, such as could fetch him his much needed respect and adulation, hence his mutual relationship with Judah( a friend of Hirah, the Adullamite).
Tamar was properly domiciled and domesticated, this was most likely because her Father (Zared) had little or no time for frivolities, being very detailed and business-oriented. Hence, he inculcated the virtue of industry into everyone living under his roof.

However, his recent delight has been to establish a peaceful alliance with the Israelites who have been dominating every land they set foot on. Presently, they were advancing towards the resistance in Timnath. They will always win! It was only sensible to make peace with them, and doing it to the quick!

One evening, Zared returned home and made a most shocking revelation, upon which the foundations of Tamar’s adventure was built.
She was getting married!
Sabre was
to prepare her for marriage to Judah’s eldest son, (Er).
Tamar understood that Father and Judah were close allies, but not close enough for Judah to have noticed her as a potential bride for his son. She had only seen Judah once, whilst on the fields with Father to assist him.
Her attempts to object were futile. Judah would be coming over in a fortnight!

Unfortunately, She was not afforded an opportunity to air her views.
She felt like a tool for consolidating a business transaction. It was quite difficult deciphering the exact expression on Mother’s face, who forced a weak encouraging smile.
The twenty-year-old prospective bride was scared! She had not seen her prospective husband, nor imagined what he looked like,


Tamar wondered why she had never seen Er in any of the annual sheep-shearing sessions in Timnath…which tends to leave exciting memories on the participants!
Fathers delight in showcasing the physical prowess possessed by their sons… especially their eldest sons.
Had Er had ever set eyes on her? Why did Judah consider her as being suitable for his first son as a wife? A part of Tamar jumped for joy at the thought of being married into a Jewish family, having heard so much about them and their God, just one God who has many conquests to His name, unlike their gods. Indeed, this woman Tamar: A heroine of hope was optimistic. She smiled secretly. However, these many questions bugged her mind. All attempts by Rizpah to make Tamar relax were not entirely successful, as she grew leaner, as the day wore on. Obviously,
she was worried. However, hope was Tamar’s only currency!

Nonetheless, Zared was least perturbed as he set about making the necessary customary rites ready for Judah to perform in the next few days!
Judah arrived in Timnath in the company of 2 men.

However,Er was absent !


To be continued…


A fledging young girl who has relished the exuberances of child-like simplicity, is yet to experience the viscissitudes of a marital life. Her child-like simplicity must have attracted her prospective father-in law to have desired her marrying his son, Er.

However, she was not without domestic skills, which was an added feather to her cap, as she must needs employ them for the journey ahead!

How prepared are you for the tasks ahead?

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