We are still considering Rahab, a woman of pure and sure faith. You can read the previous episode here; RAHAB: A MOST UNLIKELY HELPER

It was obvious that the Israelites were gradually advancing towards Jericho. The best trained armed military personnel in Jericho paraded the city continually, stringent defenses and security measures were already on the ground. Military excellence was at its peak!
Numerous sacrifices had been made to Baal, Molech, and Ashtaroth on behalf of the City.

However, Jericho’s surest defense was in their walls…measuring thousands of pounds in weight, impenetrable by the most sophisticated of machinery. It would be difficult to gain entrance into the heart of the city without having to deal with those elephantine walls. Nevertheless, one look at those walls left so much to be desired on the part of the Israelites. However, much worry was registered on a number of faces when the people of Jericho made sport of them. Nevertheless, they camped near Jordan.

Rahab made her window a ‘favorite spot’ where she could clearly see the Israelites as they approached the city. She knew the townspeople merely feigned boldness and would soon become a sorry sight…. rubble of organic mess!
Her changed mindset was evident to all, as she exhibited great faith and calmness. She had apparently lost interest in those wealthy merchants who patronized her petty flesh for silver coins. She obviously saw them as ‘living-deads’. However, she had a hard time convincing her family to stay within the walls since Jericho would soon be finished!

The people were convinced that the Israelites lacked the necessary expertise to invade such a wall… They wondered at the absurdity behind ‘musical instruments’ as weapons of war. The King laughed them to scorn.


On the seventh day of what the Jericho townspeople described as ‘a frustrated march parade’ as displayed by the Israelites. They heard a deafening shout and a fall with a mighty thud!.

It was so impactful was that it precipitated a cracking sound, within the outer walls….the foundations of many houses shook violently. The townspeople fled, in no particular direction!
Rahab’s parents and relatives were too perplexed at the recent developments, yet confused as to why she insisted they remained still in the house. Why such calmness in the face of a grave disaster? However, she had an obvious difficulty trying to convince them to trust her judgment, and on the Living God. She adjusted the alignment of the red cord tied to her window, whilst it dangled to the rhythm of the cracking wall.
The intensity of the shouts increased and this sent the walls fast crashing, with a mighty thud.
At this time, Rahab’s siblings wailed loudly. Many teeth gnashed in anguish, they had come to the end of the road!

Suddenly, the two spies appeared, Rahab’s countenance was lit. The spies were moved Rahab and her family out of the collapsing walls, to the Israelites camp, (on the side of safety). The townspeople were too amazed, (on seeing Rahab) whilst they awaited their most inevitable end.
How could Rahab, a woman of a sure faith; the sexually immoral, the hooker who has ruined many marriages, be saved, alongside her entire family. What mystery was this?

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Jericho’s surest defence lies in the magnamity of their ancient walls. Walls which have scared their enemies away in the past. However, their ignorance of the potency of the God of Israel was their fatal first blow!

We serve an All-Powerful God, who does not necessarily require physical ammunition to do battle.

Rahab was unshaken, having insured her faith in the God of Israel. Our reactions to storms is a revelation of where our hopes lie.

She was able to save her family alive. Is your faith in God evidential to those around you?

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