Silence as a powerful tool for communion.

Personally, I have observed that silence has a voice, although its speakings are inaudible.

The Christian community is replete with teachings and diverse expositions on the subject of prayer. One look at the plethora of literatures, audio-visual materials and institutions that focuses primarily on the subject of prayer leaves one in awe of such invaluable deposits of wisdom available for the growth of the believer.

However, much verbal expressions will not do justice to the subject of prayer which is better practicalised than conceptualized.

Practically speaking, I have observed that private/secret communications between a couple who have been closely intimate are often non-verbal or with mild bodily movements especially in public. An intending intruder may have a really hard time trying to decipher the exact communication code.

Nevertheless, the thrust of this exposition (Silence as a powerful tool for communion) is to examine the subject of silence as a powerful tool for prayers, and why God desires silence when you pray.

As defined in the previous post, Silence can be simply defined as a lack of sound or noise. A forebearance from speech or noise.


My dear blog reader, you will agree with me that this write-up will be incomprehensible without the appropriate punctuation marks. In the practice of writing and speaking, the chances of communicating the wrong thoughts are high, when you don’t practice the pause.

Intentional silence is the ‘pause’ of prayer, praise, worship, hymns and spiritual songs. Meaningful moments of silence give precision and definition to your words when you pray, sing, dance and praise.


Silence prepares one’s heart for prayers. After the much activities of the heart and body, of a busy day, silence conditions one’s heart to the matters at hand, especially with several conflicting thoughts on the mind. Silence has a powerful way of making us see the pressing issues of concern in our spirits effectively. It is in this posture, that the Spirit of God finds space to inspire the believer in communicating his/her thoughts effectively to God in the manner He so desires.

Silence can be a form of prayer itself, or can be engaged intermittently in the act of prayer. Personally, silence as a form of prayer has been quite interesting for me. It helps my spirit pray as my words are converted to images. I was interceding for a sick person, and the picture of the sick lady landed heavily in my spirit as I prayed in silence.

Observing moments of silence when you pray makes you spiritually sensitive as to when the prayer burden has been discharged or lifted from your spirit especially when a matter has been a serious cause for concern or fear. It amplifies our spiritual senses to observe, see, hear and do what God would desire at a particular time.

You often feel neglected after a period of talking to someone about an issue without little or no opportunity to hear his/her opinion. Everyone loves to have feedback. It is quite sad that we often exit our prayer closets, immediately after saying the “Amen” without waiting to hear what the Holy Spirit might want to say to us.

Although, there are periods when God is intentionally silent, but courtesy demands that we wait on Him in silence. Observing some moments of silence after prayers is very needful after praying. The Spirit of God may have an occasion to raise and/or remind us of forgotten prayers issue(s).

Unfortuantely, the believer can become too busy or selfish in prayers that God may have to speak to him/her through dreams, having sought for intentional moments of silents without success.

Intentional silence strengthens bond of relationship with the Holy Spirit. It makes one conversations deep and personalised. There is a higher tendency to learn His manner of speakings to you, when you are silent in waiting on Him. Initially, this may seem unreal at first, but consistency is key.

Intentional moments of silence in the study of God’s Word (meditation) is another dimension. Personally, I have experienced this reality as I study the scriptures. This allows Him space to breathe upon the letters of the scriptures. Do you seek for encounters and divine revelation as you study the Word of God? Wait on Him in silence.

Silence is the believer’s way of communicating his passion and hunger for God and His ways. Waiting on Him clearly indicates the believer’s desire for the Word.

Have you seen my post on: Understanding the Place of Stillness in Personal Prayers

Intentional silence is worship. It is a proclamation of His sovereignty. (Zephanaiah 7:1)

In our everyday relationships, It is usually seen as a mark of disrespect to interrupt an elder when he is still speaking, or to speak when your opinion has not been sought for. Silence, when one’s pride is wounded, in the face of a heated argument or when one is being wrongly accused is often viewed as a mark of maturity.

God honors those moments of silence before Him, especially after a long session of prayers, making petitions and supplications. It is a proof of our absolute dependence and value for His speakings. Remember,prayer is a communication.


Music/worship leaders will agree that this important pause allows for transition to another level of worship. They can also receive instructions therein.

Preachers and teachers of the gospel can relate to the fact that meaningful moments of silence helps drive home a point of emphasis to congregation of listeners. This also bring back home, those whose thoughts have been driven afar off, in course of the teaching.


Truthfully, there is power in spoken words. Hence, the practice of intentional silence in prayers and bible study may seem a bit absurd. Practically, It is often difficult for one to keep silent, seeing and hearing nothing. It is even frustrating when the exercise seemingly is not yielding immediate results. However, we must realise that building the spiritual discipline of engaging silence purposefully may not be exactly like taking a walk in the park!

There were many times, I lost concentration and drifted to dreamland. There are a few keys that have been really helpful in maintaining silence in the secret place. Intentionality and Faith.

Faith is the foundation of the tenets of Christianity. The spiritual disciplines which we seek to uphold must be based on faith in the Word of God. God will help us to continually wait on Him in silence!

In silence, is seeking! God honors this greatly and He faithfully rewards them that diligently seek Him, even in silence.



My soul wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from Him (Psalms 62:5)

But the Lord is in His holy temple: Let all the earth keep silence before Him (Habakkuk 2:20)

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. (Revelations 8:1)

Hold thy peace at the presence of the Lord God… (Zephaniah 1:7a)

Scriptures here are cited from THE BIBLE GATEWAY

Silence as a powerful tool for communion

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Silence as a powerful tool for communion.

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  1. Imagine being in a conversation with a noisy person with your Rose up, observing from your Higher Mind or Center of Your Head. You sit before them in this quiet, centered, detached space. Watching and waiting can be a very powerful response to their noise. Not reacting when someone is throwing energy or demonstrating other charged emotions is not only empowering for you, but can be a huge healing for them. By healing I mean you are not offering them resistance nor anything to argue with. You are not adding fuel to their fire. You are instead demonstrating another way of being. Very shortly they will have worked themselves up, through and then over their intensity without getting it all over you. Or, they won’t and instead they’ll move on to someone else who may or may not choose to wallow around in the mud with them. The greatest compliment you can give us is to share this page with your friends who would enjoy reading it.

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