Bid me feel my dear Lover

Twirls of an unsteady heart meter

Gazes that sweep me off my feet

In His quiver, I feel complete!

Loving Jesus, my foremost delight

Awes me with His Princely Might!

None could be lovelier, save my Lord

He ‘s won my heart without one word!

I am my Lover’s chaser

Letting my guard down is a never

Motivations to grow deeper

A vow to truly love forever!

Peace laces tis flamed emotions

Reveling in the thrills of my Lover’s puns

How desperate I can now be

Seeing how He gently dots on me!

Away with the flamboyant funfair

I am lost in my lover’s lair

Promise to shed no tear

But retreat right here


He brought me into His Banqueting house and His banner over me was love.

Stay with me flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love.

Do you know that there is one person is so crazy about you?

He could afford to die again (for you) if need be. His love language is Quality time. He makes your experiences on the lover’s lair truly beautiful… All he desires is your time.
My Lover’s Lair is a tale of the Savior’s undying love for mankind.

Embrace this love today!

Thanks for reading

God bless you!

10 Replies to “MY LOVER’S LAIR”

  1. Amazing heart codes.
    I’m glad he didn’t pass through
    Leaving me in the lurch,
    He deserves more than plaudits.

  2. In my lovers lair, his very presence is near,
    The scramble of my darting thoughts are aligned into divine purpose,
    My weaknesses is swallowed up in his strength,
    Beholding his face I morph into same, beauty for ashes, my lover is in his lair and he is my essence.

    Great work Onyii more depth and inspiration.

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