This is my koinonia story… In 2013, I was searching through a friend’s phone in search of musical tracks when I stumbled upon an audio message titled “the Voice of God”.  I listened to it, whilst doing my laundry. Suddenly, I started feeling a strange sensation all over my body… the words in the message penetrated me deeply and I returned to the same friend for more of Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages.

Although, I may not have physically met with him, quite honestly, I have actually met him because I was able to connect with him deeply through his messages

Subsequently, I set about keeping a catalog of koinonia messages on my laptop, sharing the good news to as many who cared to listen, this was because the truths in the messages so blessed me when I applied them, I was too grateful to be calm about it. I became a distributor of koinonia messages as people in need of them were directed to me.

More still, I had several encounters with the General in my dreams where he prayed for me.  I have been blessed in no small way by Apostle Joshua Selman as my destiny received a face-lift.

The living legend has impacted my life in different facets of my spiritual life… My retreats are almost always replete with koinonia messages. Domestic chores usually are not without fun in this regard.

More importantly, I have seen a different dimension of the person of the Holy Spirit playing out in my life.

However, success in my koinonia story reflected with respect to these areas:

  • Worship
  • Intimacy with the Holy Spirit
  • Excellence
  • Soul winning
  • Prayer

With a plethora of the Legend’s messages published online that have significantly blessed me. It is worthy of note to acknowledge those audio-messages that have exceptionally captured my spirit and spurred me greatly

  •  Thrive
  • Commanding results
  • The Mystery of Exemption
  • The Lifter of Men
  • Spiritual perception
  • What is love?  
  • Above the storms
  • the Altar of Prayer

       Undoubtedly, if you are a regular follower of AJS, these quotes will not be strange to you as they are normal highlights unique to his messages.

Below are some of them:


  • Let’s pray in tongues for 1 minute
  • Media, please help me
  • Please read if you are a Christian
  • Worship team…
  • At the count of 3…
  • Holy Spirit…we love you from the  depths of our hearts
  • No Sir… No Sir
  • Ejimi
  • The Mysteries of the Kingdom
  • Write it down
  • Haaaaa…
  • God is not a herbalist
  • Honour.
  • … you will die like a chicken
  • Are you joking?
  •  Life is spiritual
  • I show you a mystery
  • Your life will change like day and night


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  1. So as I read through your koinonia story I smiled my heart filled with much joy as my story is not any different… I still bless God the day a friend shared a message about the Holy Spirit that was my break through to flowing in the gifts of the spirit.. just like you I became a major distributor of koinonia messages and made major moves through JCCF to bring him to my Campus when it manifested I had already graduated and in Service. In all Apostle Joshua selman has blessed my life

  2. Truly, a heartfelt and touching piece there woman of God, Koinonia and the humble general Apostle Selman have touched our lives in the most amazing way, this man opened my eyes to deep insights and my life was changed for the best, it would be evil not to share his messages all around it’s an encounter everyone must have. Thank you for sharing your story it is good to know that many are having such encounters with this Grace… #selmanites

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