My fleece was an immaculately white material that acted as a natural cover for my nakedness, as well as an enclosure to my internal organs organs.

       Born and nurtured as a sheep in a vast array of living creatures, other than man. I had so much endowment to be grateful to my Creator for. I could proudly say that I was carefully created. Apparently, it was no news that I was wonderfully adorned by a unique outer covering (fleece) that was evidently lacking in other animals, As you might assume that they were obviously envious of me!

        My fleece was an immaculately white material that acted as a natural cover for my nakedness, as well as an enclosure to my internal organs. I had no need for expensive clothes or elaborate costumes as the sheer awesomeness of my fleece was blinding. Instantly, I would become the cynosure of all eyes when I stood up to speak during the town periodic meetings.

        Fortunately, my fleece did not only serve aesthetic functions.  I sensed the inherent wisdom it possessed naturally, which improved my cognitive abilities significantly , as I nurtured and cared for my fleece.
Why would Mr Lion (Born leader), Mr Tortoise (old sage) care to listen to me of all animals? The realization of this fact kept me in total submission and gratitude to my Fleece-Maker, whom my parents had told me of His abilities to impart the ‘supernatural’ into a seemingly ordinary fleece.
Every other creature craved my company and wisdom of oratory.
I almost passed out on waking up one morning to discover that parts of my fleece had been carefully cut off, and the thieves had escaped, whilst I slept. I wept my eyes sore.     

      Truthfully, Miss Peacock pleaded guilty at the Animals’ square central court some weeks later. The prideful bird desired to adding finishing touches to her colorful feathers! Indeed, I smiled and marveled at her great sense of discontentment.

Fortunately, my fleece was so instinctively configured that it had an innate regenerative ability. The shaved portions experienced growth much later. I was too grateful to my Creator for such wisdom and deliberateness in my making. Nevertheless, this was not a license to selling my divine gift. I became more careful.

As I grew in knowledge and wisdom of the exact purpose of this divine endowment. I discovered that my fleece had much need in different facets of life, including the part that had to do with helping the needy.

         The demand increased as man sought to negotiate with me so as to help their kind. The clothing and textile industries soon saw the relevance of my fleece in providing insulation for bedding, clothing fabrics etc, made for their kind. Since my Creator was in support of this, I obliged them. Hence my fleece’s regenerative abilities multiplied by many folds so as to meet up with the increasing demand.

Your guess may be as good as mine. I was never in financial crisis! The Pharmaceutical industry was not left out, on discovering the relevance of my fleece in providing warmth and as a sterile protective cover for injured body parts, hence, my fleece was used for the manufacture of crèpe bandages and other medical materials.


      Subsequently, certain folks of Animaland began sponsoring a misconception that I was full of pride, because I was careful of my choice of associations in Animaland. I wanted to prove them wrong hence I sought to please almost every animal that crossed my part, in terms of relationship. Friendship soon gave way to gullibility.
However, things became very awry when I accepted Mr Goat’s offer for friendship. Probably, I felt we had several things in common since we both fed on plant matter. Gradually, I was losing my basic etiquette as well as a vital part of my purpose of existence in  with Mr Goat, who honestly did not appear over-domineering in the early stages of our relationship.

       Unfortunately, I had begun to lose touch of the basic values my late parents had painstakingly instilled into me. Communication with my fleece maker became burdensome. Involuntary bleating even in official gatherings, involving the humankind became rampant. The loss of the progressive knowledge of my personality as well as my dwindling sense of wisdom became obvious in the regenerative ability of my fleece.

      I lusted after the potentials of my fellows, the humanistic and monetary values they had come to realize on a daily basis. These were things they had learnt to discover in themselves. I felt intimidated with the sonority of the singing Nightingale, the furniture-making abilities of the wood-pecker, the oratory of the parrot, the deceit of the fox, words of wisdom of the tortoise… I was attracted to any and every thing. The degenerating yield of my natural fleece made me truly sad and faceless before my Fleece Maker. Oh! My fleece!!

      Now, humans will always say I acted sheepishly. Occasionally, they would attribute certain behavior of their kind with links to my name, in attempt to describe ‘foolishness’
Although, my fleece still find relevance in the humankind till date,  however, the story is not the same.

How did I arrive here?
Did I lose touch of my identity?
At what point did I miss it?
How do I retrace my steps?


If a mere animal was created to impact such relevance to mankind, how much more you?
Everyone has a ‘fleece’. Discover it, maximize it and use it to glorify God Almighty.
Avoid the ‘comparison trap’. It has killed many young dreams.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

My fleece was an immaculately white material that acted as a natural cover for my nakedness, as well as an enclosure to my internal organs.

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