Important lessons to learn from the life of Ruth

Important lessons to learn from the life of Ruth

     As we wrap up with the Ruth’s series today on the blog, My desire is to share some important lessons to learn from the life of Ruth. I sincerely wish and pray that genuine repentance, consolidated convictions and a death to the self nature will be truly evident among us all.

     The kinsman redeemer nearer to Ruth than Naomi refused claiming the late Elimelech’s inheritance. Unfortunately, he had understood the full implications of the inheritance proceedings (of claiming Naomi and Ruth likewise). Definitely, he wouldn’t subscribe to raising sons with Ruth (as wife) to continue the family line. This would negatively affect the inheritance package of his own sons.

        Fortunately, Boaz opted to do the needful! Shortly after, Boaz married Ruth  and they  had a son called Obed.
Obed was the grandfather of King David !

Interestingly, our Lord Jesus Christ is a progeny of King David.


The story of Ruth paints a beautiful picture of the sacrificial love of Christ by choosing to die for mankind. We shall also see some important lessons to learn from the life of Ruth
In those days, a widow had no footing or status in her matrimonial home. Her prestige and access to her inheritance was largely tied to her marriage (to a closer relative in the family).
Ruth could not access the goodness and purposes of God as a single widow, of a foreign descent. Her marriage (into the family of God) was the platform that God had designed to launch her into the full measure of her destiny.

Jesus Christ is our kinsman redeemer. Having offered to die for man. It was not a right or a compulsory obligation. Neither the Heavenly Angels nor Elders would have accepted to go the way of the cross, all for the sake of a sinful and ungrateful man. Nevertheless, He was willing to do so. Even whilst we were yet sinners, Christ died for us and He loves us dearly with an unchanging love. He paid the price for our redemption by His blood. Indeed, the hallmark of love is sacrifice.

Although, Jesus Christ realized that the full implication of man’s redemption involved a co-partnership/relationship of man with God, through Him, yet He still offered to die for man. We are to share in His rightful inheritance and his likeness. An exclusive reserve of the trinity! Behold, what manner of love is this?

King James Bible 1 John 3:1
Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

The story of Ruth paints a beautiful picture of the sacrificial love of Christ to die for man. some important lessons to learn from the life of Ruth

This is a call…an open invitation to embrace the love of the Father in all of its richness !
Experience the freedom and peace that only Jesus Christ can give!

Today, we celebrate the life of a woman whose path in destiny is a testament of doggedness in convictions and the Grace of God!

Ruth has many amiable attributes to emulate, and instill into our lives as godly women (and men too). We see love, respect, industry, unrivaled loyalty and trust in the God of Israel. Additionally, we see a woman who took great risks, in walking by faith.

How much risk can you take for God? Permit me to say that faith is a doing word. The faith we profess to have in God alone is not without a test!

My dear blog reader, thank you for reading through the episodes of the Ruth series. Truthfully, I pray that the Almighty God will furnish your desires and keep you deeply rooted in Him, whilst you bear fruits upward, Amen!

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We had begun the year studying about women like Rahab, Bathsheba, and Tamar.

I am glad that you were able to keep abreast with all of our updates here.

Truly, I love and celebrate you

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a blissful new year ahead! Next year promises to be exciting, here on the blog!
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Thanks and God bless you.

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  1. Thanks to God for a year of sharing the word of truth. May God cause all to grow in the convictions and lifestyle of the biblical characters discussed.
    Onyii, more grace for life and insight.

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