Ruth and Boaz

Now the buzz of the festivities had quietened. It was already twilight! Ruth felt uneasy as she tried to disengage the extreme ends of her dress from a disturbing twig. It was late already. In the green thicket where Ruth hid, she watched the participants of the harvest fete departing in their numbers. Indeed, Boaz […]

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The stage was set. Naomi had taken the decision, having ruminated carefully over its import. On the morrow, the old widow took a final stroll around her matrimonial home, (in the strange land of Moab). For one moment, she felt like a true fugitive. Nodding in deep regret, she sobbed in between her breath so […]

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Ehlimelech and Naomi were not discerning appropriately that  the lineage of the Messiah would continue from their family line.They had allowed the economy...

     Ruth is the last woman to be considered on the series. The  Four Most Unlikely Ancestresses Of Christ.  Having considered three other women: Rahab, Tamar and Bathsheba. Our series shall begin with two interesting bible characters: Elimelech and Naomi Ruth 1: 1-2 1Now it came to pass in the days when the judges […]

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My fleece was an immaculately white material that acted as a natural cover for my nakedness, as well as an enclosure to my internal organs organs.

       Born and nurtured as a sheep in a vast array of living creatures, other than man. I had so much endowment to be grateful to my Creator for. I could proudly say that I was carefully created. Apparently, it was no news that I was wonderfully adorned by a unique outer covering […]

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Finding Spiritual Freshness in Solitude

finding spiritual freshness in solitude

I was beaming with smiles as I received the much cherished Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) licence, shortly after swearing to the Pharmacist’s Oath. Celebrations were at its peak as friends and well-wishers graced the Induction ceremony.I had full assurance that the future (as regards my pharmacy career was bright)  hence I prodded on with […]

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