Bathsheba wept her eyes sore. Was this a punishment of some sort?  Uriah had died alongside some warriors. It was quite touching that Bathsheba, the adulterous widow had seen little of marital fulfillment from her late husband. However, it was even more painful than the late Hittite was unaware of her recent obscene act and the resultant pregnancy. Thoughts of her fate when Uriah returned home to discover her shameful pregnancy plagued her daily. Obviously, he would have been so heart-broken. Nevertheless, Uriah was not a very emotional person. Would he have had her face judgment according to the Jewish constitution on grounds of adultery? Would it have been a face-off between Uriah and David? Could he have challenged the king himself?

Streaks of dried tears smeared her face. She heaved a sigh of relief as she gently stroked her fingers across her belly as though she needed to check for fetal movements.  She smiled slightly when her thoughts suddenly drifted. She heaved a sigh of relief…but why? Maybe a part of her was happy about her husband’s demise. But, Uriah didn’t deserve to die. Oh no… he didn’t! Uriah would always be prepared to die again many times over, whilst fighting the Lord’s battles. She had heard rumors of his visiting the palace. Fear of the unknown gripped her like a nasty cold when her husband did not return home on that day and even the next. However, she maintained her cool, convincing herself of the better. She had almost lost her patience when she heard that Uriah had returned to the battlefield and had been killed alongside other warriors, by the Amalekites.

The recent turn of events was a little bit mysterious. Perhaps, it was a twist of fate. But, why had Uriah not come home to her? Had he discovered her adulterous affair with the King? Was he feeling so betrayed and heart broke that he lost all senses of military acuity on the field, such that he was killed by the archers of Amalek?  Or was it a case of murder? She quickly dismissed the thoughts of the King having a hand in her husband’s death? It was true that the King was madly and sexually obsessed with her, but he was no murderer! He had always admired David’s love for the Lord. What can a helpless widow do? Could she stand against the King? If she did this, what then would be the fate of her unborn child.  At this point, she felt a tinge of fear!

What would be her fate now? Bathsheba, the adulterous widow, pregnant with another man’s child! The King had not sent for her after the fateful encounter. The King could simply deny ever knowing her and abandon her and her unborn child to face the law? Did David really love her? If he really did, why had he not sent any message, ever since the fateful encounter? 

People thronged the late Hittite’s home to pay their last respect to the gallant warrior. Bathsheba, the adulterous widow sat still, bemoaning her fate, as she was often times lost in deep thoughts.


The mourning period had ended. The widow pulled off her mourning clothes, but she stayed indoors thinking of the next appropriate action to take, seeing she was all alone, and people may begin to ask questions. Fortunately, the King sent his emissaries to fetch her. It appeared he was waiting for an opportune moment to do the needful.

Bathsheba became David’s seventh wife in less than a month after Uriah’s death. Everything seemed to be happening too fast in a scary succession. David had become her source of solace in recent times! Obviously, Bathsheba had a number of challenges to contend with… the hostility from family: her parents and grandfather (Ahithophel). She also had to contend with her sense of goodwill, She was married to a man who could have masterminded her late husband’s death, but the thought of the possibility alone sent cold shivers down the widow’s spine… so many events in her life within a space of one month. Although she inhabited a large and cozy room, with several maids-in-waiting at her beck and call, a strange aura of guilt seemed to have eroded every sense of peace she had once enjoyed!

   More still, the open show of hostility and suspicious stares at her gradually protruding belly gave her much cause for concern, as David’s harem of wives made life rather unbearable for her. The shame was killing! Tongues were already wagging. However, the adulterous widow remained indoors…seeking for forgiveness from God Almighty, whilst waiting for the King to come to her chamber or summon her into his chambers, so she could feel loved again. In David’s absence, she helplessly embraced loneliness as her sordid companion.

In spite of David’s tight schedules, as he went about attending to pressing matters of state, David still found time to be with his new wife. Obviously, her need for attention was well understood by the King, Hostility reigned amongst his wives, as each sought to demystify the strange bond between the King and the widow. Their fruitless agenda only gave room for more jealousy.

A few months later, Bathsheba, the adulterous widow birthed a male child!

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To be continued…


God is truly merciful! He will always forgive. However, there are times when sin will always accompany ugly repercussions.

In the midst of this ugly scenario, God was working out something behind the scenes! Who do you turn to in times of grief? Bathsheba suffered humiliation and abandonment, trying to adjust into a new phase of life having lost her husband and son in quick successions.

How should we (the church) respond to women like this? Except we learn to see as God sees, we would run into a whole lot of trouble.

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