As you might assume, the encounter between Bathsheba and David was an ill-fated one. Our story continues…


Two days later, David awoke from a nap in the cool of the evening. On his desk was a progress report; His warriors fared well on the battlefields. He couldn’t be happier, seeing the productivity of his men even in his absence. A momentary feeling of satiety seemed to be shrouded by sudden fearful guilt. He strutted along the pathway leady to the terrace, directly facing the City. The daylight sun feebly held down its shimmers, in a bid to retire for the day!.

He walked slowly so as to have a better view of the evening tide rays, wondering if Israel’s battles would ever cease. However, his thoughts seemed to have been caught in the wing as his eyes met a somewhat controversial view. His desire seemed to be at war with his sense of goodwill. All attempts to look away were futile; his legs appeared to be faster than his eyes, in this sensual deceit. Slowly, he stooped downwards in a bid to have a broader view of this woman at the mikvah.

David burned with an emotional surge ravaging his senses, unsteadily positioning himself whilst he watched the woman having her purification bath. Although the terrace was quite ventilated, beads of sweat streamed his flushed face, as he was thinking really hard. It was not in the place of a man of his station to go to her, neither was her location an appropriate one. He rushed in almost immediately and gave instruction to the first guard he could find. He wanted to know if she were human for she was very pretty with a hypnotizing effeminacy. The guard returned with the needed information. Her name was Bathsheba!

Bathsheba was led by the guards from the courtyard to the King’s chambers amidst curious onlookers; this surely was no official meeting! Perhaps, the King had not considered what people might say when he requested that Uriah’s wife came into his inner chambers!

It was true that she had never been summoned by the king. She couldn’t decline the royal invitation: she hadn’t such audacity. She could hear whispers and hushed tones from the royal maidens along the walkway to the palace; she could tell from their eyes that they were having a hard time trying to differentiate her attire from her mission! This was because she was dressed rather casually.


Now David was alone with Bathsheba, she was awed by the beauty of the palace as she ran her eyes through his study. Meanwhile, David ran his eyes through her voluptuous body as he advanced towards her. He held her hands and helped her into one of the beautifully furnished settees. He could feel her tender vibrations and took time to make her feel at ease, whilst he restrained the surge welling up inside of him!

David was a thespian at making a woman comfortable. Momentously, Bathsheba was unnerved as she spoke heartily about herself. David could read between the lines, she was a woman needing love and quality time!

Uriah had not yet understood this balance and it left his woman’s emotions dangerously hanging loosely. David’s romantic moves now portrayed his desire. However, Bathsheba was hesitant at first, knowing that this was adultery, (at least on her part). Pregnancy was another risky possibility, having completed her bath. A child for David wouldn’t be a bad idea, she thought!

In spite of these factors… who was she to resist the powerful  King David?  The number one citizen in all of Israel. The same person which part of her had desired aforetime. David was so mad with a passion that he couldn’t hear her out. Eventually, Bathsheba and David committed adultery! A lustful action that later led to a large loss!

Bathsheba hurried out of the palace and went home. Her initial plan to travel to her see her mother, but the terrible reminder of her abominable misdeed came more as a plague than a royal experience!

Its been six whole weeks and she was worried about the recent changes in her body, but more worrying was the fact that she had not seen her menstrual flow. She had been accosted by people on two occasions, who told her she might just be pregnant. David had not sent her any message after that fateful encounter. She wondered if she had been used! the signs were soon going to be very glaring. Fearing the worse, she stayed indoors for a better part of the day.

She sent him a message!


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  1. David, the man after God’s own heart, was also after a woman, he was a man like the rest of us after all.
    A good man, yes…. and with a weakness too.

    I love the way you deftly sculpt your words together, Onyi. You’re doing a beautiful job. Jisikwa Ike.

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