My name is Okpalaku, Onyinye Lilian, your delectable hostess on this platform.

I am a resident of Port Harcourt and an indigene of Anambra state, from the Eastern Motherlands in Nigeria, Africa.

I am a Pharmacist by training, a gospel writer cum poet by design… A single lady  serving in the Nigerian Paramillitary cadre as a Corp member in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

I am a lampstand, projecting Light for all to see Christ through me, hence my drive to re-orient young minds, using this blogging site as a platform.

I have a penchant for Culinary arts and Textile Decorations…I like any appareil with a touch of blue, whilst a hot assembly of Coconut rice and Chicken pizza is an invitation to writing several singsongs

“The Word Hub” is a one-stop spot for everything worth your time, bringing you the best of people, poetry and life principles.

You are sure to be blown away in terms of inspirational texts…as posted on a weekly basis.

To reveal the mysteries of Truth, re-orient all minds and enliven dreams through the power of the pen.

To inculcate a sustainable line of thought patterns vis-a-vis People, Principles and Poetry as my tools.
To enhance the trend of gospel poetry as a tool for exhorting souls.
To make men see the the necessary precepts and principles that allows for stability as young people.
To have all men come to the core knowledge of the essentialities meant for their personal development.
To expose principles and lifestyles necessary for the totality required for true maturity.
To transmit ideologies appropriate for a fulfilled Kingdom life.
To recreate the mindset of diligence,creativity and excellence in all entirety.
Equipping the blog readers to become true Word Aces.
Promoting Poetry as a means of propagating the gospel.
Furnishing the mindsets of people with the true realities of life.
Inspiring People through the lives of other people.
Inculcating principles of excellence, integrity and discipline as a tool for good success.
You are at liberty to like, comment, recommend and share my updates!

God bless you immensely!!