With all of the drama in our “Bathsheba series” of the former episodes, there is still need to conclude on a good note…. therefore, we shall proceed further, but not without stating that there was a victory in the vicissitudes.

Now, David was ready to go the way of his father and the fathers before them. Upon his death bed, he gave Solomon a parting charge, after which, he passed on. Now, Solomon assumed full rulership over Israel having being established.

So mysterious is the Almighty God that He can turn events to suit His personal will. Many might think Bathsheba’s story to be a twist of fate.

    However, with all the murkiness and messiness linked to Queen Bathsheba, she made it into the ancestry of Jesus Christ! A peep into the identity of Bathsheba reveals a woman with some striking qualities worthy of mention.


Bathsheba was a woman of enviable courage. Bible historians have it on records that Bathsheba was not a Jewish woman. She was a part of an ancient tribe that was integrated into the Jewish people at that time. She had witnessed the periods of cold-war between the household of Saul and David. This Gilonite granddaughter of Ahithophel had had cause to play hostess to Ahithophel and David when they held security meetings to discuss intricate matters of state.

Although her marriage to Uriah was not very promising in fulfilling her many emotional needs, she persevered. Uriah was too faithful to military service to see the widening gap impacted by his continual absence from home. Unfortunately, she fell into the throes of sensual lust with a powerful but polygamous king. However, she didn’t consider that as a criterion for her rightful inclusion into David’s harem of wives, or to throw herself at the King. The Scriptures recorded that she departed to her house. Meanwhile, that was not to excuse a fledging atrocity. It was not clearly stated if Bathsheba was aware of David’s involvement in Uriah’s demise.

The death of her husband and her subsequent marriage to the King, alongside the death of her first child, all within a space of one year. Nevertheless, she displayed great courage, seeing that the odds were clearly against her.

Bathsheba was married to David as his seventh wife, and as a pregnant widow, whose daily countenance revealed tell-tale signs of regret and shame.   But for her position as Queen, many people ceased for occasions to remind her of her terrible past. Nevertheless, she stood shoulder-high in her pursuit to make amends. Seeing the death of her child, plagued by the dent of her adulterous act etched deeply upon her soul, coupled with the fear of an unending cascade of casualty in her marriage. Smarter than before, she sought for “recognized spiritual covers”. She did all of these, desiring a victory in the vicissitudes.


Fortunately, the instructions she received from Nathan, the prophet served as a cushion for her weary mind. Seeing the finger of God in all of her marital crisis, she concentrated on bringing up her son dutifully (one whom God was interested in of all of her five children). She was intentional at his rearing. It pleased her greatly when the boy had long sessions of instructions under his father.

Truly, Solomon was a mine-field of wisdom. Bible scholars believe His writings on the book of proverbs were inspired by God, nurtured by his father and mother. Her co-wives were more interested in garnering royal supplies for reasons of self-gratification.

The Queen Mother (Bathsheba) was a key political figure in retaining the kingship position for her son, Solomon without realizing she was futuristically preserving a distinct race. Indeed she was shrewd and diplomatically political. Of course, she employed her feminine vocal persuasive abilities which aroused the almost senile king, who was at the verge of losing touch with earthly reality. Indeed, there was a victory in the vicissitudes

Clever Bathsheba also played a key role in the success of the early reign of King Solomon. Having considered prince Adonijah’s request to speak to the King on his behalf in order to have Abishag (the late King’s concubine) as a wife. It was believed that she understood the fatal implications of Adonijah’s request. Being eager to eliminate every trace of imminent treason and rebellion to her son’s successful reign, she went ahead to tender Adonijah’s request to King  Solomon. Of course, the unfortunate Adonijah lined up on the blocks to be executed by the irate King!

Significant truths

My dear blog reader!… How does all of these relate to you?

The purpose of this series is not only for purposes of information or enlightenment, but to expose you to certain Kingdom truths, re-orient your minds especially as it relates to your spiritual growth and stability!

  • Undoubtedly, Bathsheba was a woman of unusual beauty, bold-faced and unwavering in the face of difficulty. Her enlistment into the ancestry of Jesus Christ was no politics! God showed us some important truths from these episodes.

  • He uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise. He can make ‘marbles’ from a smelly mass of marshmallows!
  • God is always seeking avenues to glorify himself in the messiness and murkiness of situations. Bathsheba had no business with ever becoming Queen Mother. She was already messed up in adultery before becoming David’s wife

  • Sin has painful and sometimes, expensive repercussions. Although forgiven, some may have to deal with the lingering etches of sin, especially on the human mind. It takes a deeper work of the Spirit of God to effect these changes for good.

  • Remember that Jesus Christ is still interested in displaying His Sovereignty: with anyone, at any time and at anywhere.

  • Jesus loves you unconditionally irrespective of your tribe, nationality, family background and mitigating factors

Indeed, there was a victory in the vicissitudes!


Today, we conclude the Bathsheba series: An ancestress of Jesus Christ!
Next on the series…. is a woman called “Ruth”


Bathsheba, our wonder woman, whose first appearance in scripture spoke adultery, yet it all ended in praise. Praise God whilst in pain, it will surely pay in the end!

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  1. The death of her husband and the death of her child all within the space of one year–I had never thought of that! There are so many details that happened that would change the way we see the stories in the Bible.

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