Uriah, the honorable Hittite was recalled from the battlefields. He returned to the palace, quite unsure of his fate, nor the reason for his sudden recall! The King and he weren’t exactly on very intimate terms. The relationship that existed between the duo was mutually formal. It was true that he was not indispensable as one of the King’s warriors. He wasn’t sure of what was going on, but he was sure of his unbending loyalty to the Kingdom of Israel. Something sinister was already in the picture, but the discerning its exactness was an obvious difficulty.

   Having reached the palace, He made obeisance to King David. Apparently, his eagerness and curiosity were evidenced as unsteady heartbeats. Probably, it was responsible for the seemingly unending streams of sweat which sloshed his face. He occasionally wiped them. The King inquired about the rest of the soldiers, how they fared and whether their stacks of victuals and military supplies needed replacement.

David must have suspected the rather unsteady moves of Uriah as he seemed to observe almost everything, trying to discern the actual reason for his sudden recall from battle. He had firmly and straightly responded to all of the King’s inquiries, in a bid to display that he was healthy and strong! Hence, why had the King sent for him?

“Go on home, and relax” David finally blurted with a note of finality. Uriah replied in the affirmative. However, the Hittite stood in a fixed but confused position! He departed, unsure of what to do next. Having left Bathsheba, his wife to undergo the remobilization protocol in order to fight the war against the  Amalekites. Whilst within the courtyard, a royal present was given him, from the King himself; A mess of pottage!

Although he was very hungry and fagged out from a distant journey, he was in no ‘food mood’

Why would the King dismiss him in such a manner? He was no ordinary warrior! He knew his worth. Going home was not an option! Soldiers who go for battle are often restricted from being with women. He tried to connect the dots…but couldn’t lay his hands on anything fact-worthy!

It was already evening. He made to go home but was emotionally restrained. Would this not be interpreted as an outright flaunting of the King’s orders?

Uriah was too confused to think straight…and very tired from his journey. He lay his head at the door of the servants’ quarters and slept there. Fortunately for the Hittite, It was spring! It wasn’t so cold, he had been sleeping in the open fields for weeks! This was not any different.

David was informed that Uriah had not returned to his house. Feigning comport, he sent for Uriah, who was unwavering in defending his course.  It was evident that the Warrior delighted more in being on the fields, fighting the Lord’s battles than being with his captivating wife…If only he knew what had transpired in his absence! He had not stepped his feet into his house, neither had he had a change of clothing. The King was stunned at such loyalty! For a split-second, David felt a shroud of guilt. This Hittite was a man of honor.

Seeing that pushing the matter further may arouse suspicions. The King sought for ways to appeal to his senses.  Uriah, the honorable Hittite would not be dissuaded. He treated the warrior to a royal banquet, declaring his meritorious deeds to his nobles. Fortunately, he succeeded in making the Hittite lose every form of the moral guard as a warrior as he gaily drank wine like a fish until he was truly drunk!

This was a ploy to make him go home and want to lay with his wife, so as to cover up for the seed planted in Bathsheba as a result of his sinful act!

However, Uriah, the honorable Hittite still would not go home. Although tipsy, he found space in the exteriors of the palace gates and lay there with bottles of wine close to his chest as he snored deeply into the night!

Infuriated, the King drafted a letter to be given to Joab. Uriah had awakened a little later that morning. He was worried that he could drink so heavily, even with strict military morals. However, he was glad that he was to return to the battlefields that fateful morning. King David handed the letter to Uriah and bade him farewell. Uriah caught the King’s occasional blank stares but could make nothing substantial from them. Making obeisance to the King, He happily departed to rejoin his comrades!

In Uriah’s hands was his own death warrant…written, signed and sealed by the King himself. Uriah couldn’t have known the content of the letter. It was against his honor to do so, as an honorable Hittite.

Uriah received the letter and made to leave the palace. Uriah had not the slightest idea of what this meant or what was contained in the letter.

Joab received the letter and swiftly executed its contents to the letter! Uriah was positioned in a very deadly position where the battle was very fierce, and his comrades who should have fought alongside retreated behind him and it was rather unfortunate that Uriah, the honorable Hittite was killed!

To be continued…

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Although Uriah was a Hittite, he was an honorable man. Much is to be said about his loyalty in fighting the Lord’s battles. It was rather unfortunate that David was insensitive to see that this was a scarce trait in modern day servants . How do you treat your loyal and integrity-bound employees? Sin has a harmful effect of beclouding our senses, sin will always birth sin, like a feed back mechanism… Uriah held his death warrant in is hand, and had it delivered to his executioner, he must have suspected something sinister was going on since his recall from the fields, but he would not open the letter, nor read its content.May God help us to not to give into the pressure of sin, to cover up for the former sins, but acknowledge and repent of them.


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